Sabine and Angela had been best friends as long as they could remember. They had been inseparable during Kindergarten, throughout their school years – and beyond, when they became interested in boys. They never interfered with each other as far as the boys they were interested in were concerned – well: ALMOST never!


Everybody considered them as close as sisters, even though they did not resemble one-another. They were of equal height and not particularly slim. However, that was the limit of their similarity. Angela was a curly redhead and her skin was "as white as snow". Her intense, large violet-coloured eyes reduced many men to stuttering idiots. Sabine, on the other hand, was a brunette with a complexion that seemed a little tanned at all times. She, too, had blue eyes, although they sometimes seemed to change colour, to grey from bright blue, to green and even to turqois – particularly when Sabine was sad.


Both women had entered their thirties and were married. Even their husbands had become friends and Angela and Sabine were very happy about that. The two couples socialized frequently. Today Sabine was the hostess. Peter and Bertram sat in the living room and enjoyed a glass of red wine. The two men got along extremely well, even though they couldn’t have been more different.


Bertram, Sabine’s husband, was a physician and a bear of a man – almost six feet tall, weighing almost 200 pounds, even though he did not appear overweight. He sported a black beard. He preferred a wardrobe of casual slacks and turtleneck sweaters. Peter, on the other hand, was a civil engineer and dressed more formally. People on construction projects would see him in overalls, but Peter compensated by sporting silk shirts with tie and expensive woolen trousers. He was slim and wiry. Peter had a full head of wavy brown hair, but his chest, legs and forearms were all but hairless. The two husbands had a great deal of respect for each other and shared many views on subjects of general interest. They were not only friends because of their wives’ friendship.


This evening, however, Bertram would have preferred not to have had the friends over. He and his wife had had a tiff. It had arisen after a silly little remark he had made earlier. All he had said, was that if he suddenly found Angela in his marriage bed, he would certainly not throw her out. Now he couldn’t understand how he’d possibly offended Sabine with this remark. Frankly, Bertram was a little relieved, when he saw Angela and his wife disappear into the kitchen just now.


"What’s the matter with you two tonight?" Angela asked Sabine, as they prepared the food. Sabine opened a new bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She took a sip and looked at her girlfriend. "Bertram is horny for you – simple as that," she said. Angela raised her eyebrows, but said nothing. Then she wondered, if Sabine could possibly be mistaken. Sabine wasn’t given to jealousy, she thought, just as she was unlikely to joke about matters of marital fidelity. True, Bertram had given Angela that certain lasting man-to-woman look and she had noticed it with all her womanly instincts. Bertram was a good-looking man and Angela loved to be admired. But that should have been the end of it.


Sabine babbled on, telling Angela how Bertram had made the oddest remarks in the past – remarks about wife-swapping and so on. — Angela laughed. "Yes, yes, I know, I know," she said. "My Peter has been dreaming like this for a long time. I let him dream on. It’s nothing serious, I’m sure." "That’s what YOU think," said Sabine. "I, on the other hand, am convinced they would initiate a swap, if we encouraged them – and, who knows, they might go ahead some day to do it without us."


Sabine was more upset than she was prepared to admit. She pounced on her kitchen work, even though the meal was more than half prepared. Now she was happy there were still details to attend to. It comforted her that her friend did not take matters this seriously. And anyway: She never considered things as serious as she herself did. Besides, she thought, she was not easy to discourage. And further more, she loved her husband. He was a bank manager and totally reliable.


Now, Sabine stood there and wondered, how much he REALLY loved her and if he’d be able to cheat her — just once. The two young women drank to each other, noticing how very slightly tipsy they had become. Sabine realized she needed to eat something. "Just imagine . . .," she suddenly said to Angela. "Imagine: Me and your Peter in bed together ..."


"Me and Peter! Wow!" She DID find Peter very sexy, but thoughts of this sort had never occurred to her before. Angela and herself would never interfere in each other’s love life. They had a pact: They’d never become involved with each others’ partners! Only once in their long years of friendship a man had stood between them and they had made sure he was gone from their lives within days. Now, Sabine suddenly realized that her friend had fallen silent and a little more serious than before. "What’s the matter, darling?" she said. "Worried, I might steal your husband?"



Angela shook her head and joined in the laughter. "You’re crazy," she said. "I trust you with my life, but . . ." She paused. Then she said slowly: "I think I’ve got an idea: How would you like to put on a little sex show with me – for those two in there?" Sabine knew she had had one too many, but her head still functioned. "I thought we learned something the first time we were in a situation like this," she said. "Well," Angela replied. "We might kill two birds with one stone." Then she explained her plan.


By the time the women entered Sabine’s living room again, they were dressed sexy enough to make the men gasp with astonishment. Red-haired Angela wore a short, bright green sweater and hot pants in the truest sense of the word. Pants and sweater were connected by a broad zipper. Her legs were bare and the zipper was open to reveal most of Angela’s breasts. Peter took one look and a wolf-whistle escaped from his lips. Sabine had picked a skintight stretch mini skirt and a very sexy wrap around top. She wore black stay-up stockings that reached up to her crotch. Both women wore high heel slippers. Carrying bottles of red wide, they were in an out-and-out sexy mood now.


The women poured more wine and joined their husbands, who barely recognized their wives, but started to flirt openly with their girlfriend’s husbands. When it was time for dinner, the women treated their food as if eating was part of their sexuality. Particularly Angela was very good at it, eating a chicken thigh, as if she were practising fellatio. Bertram couldn’t trust his eyes. He was definitely becoming horny.

In the meantime, Angela had gone to Peter and was in the process of licking his fingers clean. Then he overheard her whispering into Peter’s ear that she was dying to find out, whether he REALLY had no hair on his body.


Angela took a sip of wine and spilled some of it on her chin. …..She lifted her face to him. "Help me," she moaned. Bertram took a glance to his wife, who did not react. Encouraged, he started to lick the wine off Angela’s face, then kissed her passionately. He wanted to have Sabine now – but desired his wife more than ever at the same time. He wanted them both. Right now! The wine had obviously affected him.


Meanwhile, Peter was fascinated by Sabine. She had always been a bit of a mystery to him. And he LOVED her breasts, even though the chest of his Angela was pretty arousing, too. The incredible erotic mood permeating the room right now he attributed to the wine. His hand started to stroke Sabine’s upper thigh, who pretended not to notice anything. His fingers wandered higher and higher, found bare skin. Peter felt as if a bolt of lightning had struck him.


The ladies giggled and toasted each other with their glasses. Then Sabine rose to get yet another bottle. Coming back, Peter noticed her gait was a little uncertain. Angela had noticed it, too, got up and steadied her girlfriend. Both burst into laughter. The two men looked at each other. They would enjoy tonight’s games immensely! They exchanged knowing glances and smiled – a smile immediately noticed by the girls. Angela burst out laughing. When Sabine returned to the kitchen, Angela grabbed her top and loosened the tie. The garment opened, exposing the young woman’s breasts. Peter inhaled deeply! When Sabine returned, Angela took the bottles from her and handed one to each of the men. "Here," she said, "make yourselves useful!"


Sabine had done nothing to cover herself. Now she reached for Angela and opened her zipper all the way to her waist. "Same privilege for all," she said. The men loved what they saw. Bertram applauded. Peter encouraged: "Well done!" he said. "We have absolutely no objections to a little strip tease right now!" Angela looked at her girlfriend, who nodded knowingly. This would be such fun, they thought. They’d make the men all hot and bothered now! Angela rose and stepped behind her girlfriend. She reached around her and rolled her top off her breasts, exposing Sabine in all her erotic beauty! Slowly, she bent her head and kissed Sabine’s neck. The men stared breathlessly. Could it be that their wives had had a lesbian affair all along? Sabine noticed the look on her husband’s face and smiled. She laughed and continued to enjoy Angela’s attentions.


Now she turned and opened Angela’s zipper all the way to the bottom, then separated the top from the bottom and stepped behind Angela. She embraced the other woman from behind and put her hands on Angela’s black brassiere. Angela moaned softly and bent her head back in sheer bliss, closing her eyes. Sabine’s hands moved to Angela’s waist, grabbed her panties and pulled them down over her hips. As the little garment hit the floor, Peter could see Angela’s hairy triangle and his breathing stopped for a moment! Both men would have given anything right now to have the naked Angela on their laps… Angela meanwhile turned in the arms of her girlfriend and showed the men her sexy behind. The women started kissing passionately while Angela grabbed Sabine’s stretch mini and pushed it from her hips, caressing the woman as she did so. The two women turned sideways to show their husbands that they were totally naked now!


Breathing heavily, the two women started stroking each others’ buttocks, undulating their bodies as they did to give the husbands the possibly best view of what they were doing. When they thought the tension in their husbands couldn’t become any stronger, they separated and slowly walked to the men – each woman to the husband of the other.


Sabine looked irresistible in her black stay-up stockings, but Peter had only eyes for her naked breasts. She opened her legs wide and sat on his lap. He could not get enough of her aroused beauty and he reached for her breasts. "Isn’t this what you wanted all along?" Sabine asked in a low voice. Peter nodded, stroking her breasts to his heart’s content. Sabine reached for his head, lowered her mouth to his one and started kissing him deeply and passionately, leaving no doubt that she was as horny now as he had been for the last half hour.


Bertram had watched the growing passion of Sabine, his wife, and Peter. It suddenly hurt his heart. But he couldn’t very well give in to his desire for Peter’s wife, Angela, and condemn his own wife to innocence! And there was Angela now, standing directly in front of him in all her beauty. All she wore now was the black brassiere – and she looked so hot! How often had he fantasized to go to bed with Angela – and now, today, his dream would come true! Now he reached for her and pulled her onto his lap. He was aware of his raging erection and took her in his arms, unhooked her bra and slipped it off her body. Bertram groaned. "I must have you now," he managed to say. He pressed her onto his lap so she would feel his erection through his pants.


Sabine and Angela looked at each other. "Should we go through with it?" Angela asked softly. Sabine nodded. "But not here, and not all together. I don’t feel like watching you two, when you make love to each other." Bertram agreed heartily. He still was not sure, whether he had taken Angela from the arms of his best friend. "We have two bedrooms upstairs. Let’s go up there, all of us."

Up they went. Before parting company, they agreed that after the loving the men would use an upstairs bathroom, while the wives would retire to a spare bathroom in the basement. Then they disappeared into the respective bedrooms.


Angela pulled Bertram into the room and closed the door. Immediately, she started pulling off his clothes, then lay down on the bed, opening her thighs for him and starting to play with herself. Now Bertram could not strip fast enough, then lay on top of her. Two hundred pounds, Angela thought. It was too much for her and she rolled him off her body. "Would you mind pulling the blinds?" she asked Bertram. "I don’t know," he said "I love making love with lots of lights on." Angela insisted and turned on the erotic movie the two girlfriends had decided to play on the television sets in the two rooms during their love session. Before very long, both bedrooms were dark.


Peter, too, was surprised about the request for darkness. He had not expected Sabine to be so modest, but he, too, acquiesced. He took one last look at Sabine’s beautiful naked body, then lay down beside her. He kissed her passionately and at the same time took off his slacks. Sabine helped him. When he was naked, she guided his hand to her most intimate spot. Peter felt her soft pubic hair and forgot everything around him. Her lips were soft and yielding. He pulled her closer, but she resisted gently. "I have to go to the bathroom," she said and was gone. It only took a few minutes and she was back. "Here I am again, my darling," she purred. Peter smelled her perfume and almost lost his mind with desire.


Often he had fantasized about a wife swap but always concluded that the girls would never go for it. Now Sabine was in his arms, would be his to take in a moment. He reached out for her, took her thighs. "Stay as you are," he whispered. "I want to take you from behind." Peter’s wife did not like this position. It appeared her too animalistic. Peter’s hands now reached for Sabine’s behind, exploring like the hands of a blind man. "Open your legs real wide," he begged, moving her into the right position for him. Reaching around her, Peter took her breasts into his hands. "Your tits drive me crazy," he moaned. "Everything about you drives me crazy, baby!"


Again, he allowed his hands to return to her behind. He positioned himself behind her, separated her cheeks tenderly and licked around her anus. A long sigh escaped Sabine. "You like it this way?" Peter asked. "Hmmmmm!" Sabine confirmed. Peter came closer and closer, made a path to her with the tip of his penis. Peter’s fingers explored, found her pubic mound, then her clitoris. "Oooh, my horny little mouse!" Peter exclaimed, when he noticed how wet she was. When he found her clitoris, Sabine moaned loudly, pushed her backside against him and allowed him to enter her body with a lusty thrust. Peter was so aroused that it took only three thrusts before he exploded deep in her wonderful pussy. Slowly, Peter sank into the cushions, while Sabine collapsed beneath him. Now they lay in each other’s arms and Peter caressed Sabine’s breasts. Then he thought of Angela. What would she be doing with Bertram right now?


Bertram was not bothered by the darkness in his bedroom. "You know," he said to Angela, "I am a doctor and we physicians have eyes in the tips of our fingers." Now he explored her from top to bottom. "God, how beautiful you are," he said. Angela laughed softly. "I happy to hear that," she said. "Sabine told me she was sure you would not throw me out. I thought there was a chance I might be appealing to you, too." After a quick trip to the bathroom Angela rejoined her sex partner for the night. She opened her legs wide and straddled him, making sure her hot pussy had firm contact with his penis. Then she bent down and, opening her mouth, kissed him long and passionately. Bertram smelled her and he almost lost his mind. Angela shifted her pelvis back and forth to feel his phallus rub between her love lips, felt breathlessly how they started caressing his hardness. Faster and faster she moved, feeling the head of his penis in her wet lips. Now his large hands reached for her. He knew how to pivot her to achieve full penetration of her pussy. He felt her rise high above him, then sink down on his member, impaling herself on him!


They started to love each other with great passion, thrusting, moaning, whimpering. Bertram almost lost control, surrendered himself to his passion. In his mind’s eye he saw Angela’s red hair fly as she thrust down on him again and again and again! Now she leaned back, reaching for his testicles, squeezing them in her hand. Bertram heard his own passionate scream as he came, ejaculating deep in Angela’s beautiful body. "Oooh!" he screamed. "Oooh, Sabine!!" He had regained his conscience, and Angela knew it. She sank down on his body, slipped off the bed and was gone from the room a moment later. Bertram felt relief.


He rose and went to the bathroom. Peter was already there, had finished his shower. The two men did not look at each other. As he soaped his body, Bertram’s only worry was that he might have destroyed something incredibly precious just now.


He returned to bed to think. Eventually, he heard the two women on the stairs, whispering and giggling. They had obviously enjoyed themselves. Bertram’s worry had been unnecessary. He no longer knew what he really wanted. The door opened and his wife entered, carrying a lit candle. Suddenly, she looked like a blonde angel to him. His heartbeat sped up. And this, his angel, had just slept with Peter…? Sabine slipped into bed beside him. Her fragrant body overwhelmed him. He lifted the blanket and looked at her. She moved toward him and cuddled into his arms. Bertram didn’t know what to think. "Did you and Peter…. Have you two…?" he asked hesitatingly. Sabine shook her head. "I was a little tipsy." she said.


Sabine blew out the candle and cuddled close to Bertram. She could feel his guilty conscience now. She closed her eyes and thought about what had just happened. She had to admit she had liked it – a lot. She remembered how much she trusted Angela and how much she loved her. With her she’d be able to share everything, her home, her car, money, clothes, even her tooth brush.


But her husband? No! Never!


And even her husband, she was sure, would never again entertain thoughts of wife swapping! Just before falling asleep, she whispered: "Darling – remind me in the morning to return Angela’s perfume to her."


Bertram spent a whole night without sleep, not knowing what to think.



A little punishment is necessary, after all — she thought.



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