Saturday Morning


A tiny beam of sunlight has found its way into my consciousness. How is that possible, with me still asleep? - And yet! It glitters and shines in the corner of my eye and tickles me until I finally look up.

Oh, of course: Today is Saturday. The most beautiful day of the whole week. I have time today. I am allowed to sleep as long as I want. And how I do love sleeping! And the entire weekend lies before me. How wonderful!

I listen to your breathing as you lie beside me - deep and regular and so reassuring. You are still dreaming. It is only 7 a.m. and normally I am still dead-tired and weary this time. But not today. Today, when I would be able to sleep, I find myself wide awake.

I get up and make my way to the kitchen, drink some milk. How I love milk. Like a kitten, I lap the last drops from my lips, then continue into the bathroom for a refreshing handful of cold water to the face. Oh, such coolness! Back into the bedroom - back to you!

How handsome you are, as you lie there, relaxed and graceful - such a peculiar term when applied to a man, and yet so fitting just now. I love you so very much - realize it yet again as I cuddle up against you. You smell so good, my Love.

Still sniffing your scent, I crawl yet closer to you, put my hand on your arm. Your skin is soft, tender. I start kneading the muscles beneath, temptation rising in me to feel you up quite differently - between my fingers. Should I?

You, too, have to get up so early all the time. You, too, could actually sleep in today. You need your sleep. And yet - maybe not? You turn as I look at you, presenting your back now, your bottom. There’s only a thin silk blanket between it and me now.

My hand does not ask permission. Slowly, it slips toward you under the blanket, starts caressing your buttocks, feels your warm skin, your firm muscles. You seem to respond, pushing yourself closer into my hand - perhaps you’re indulging in a little wishful thinking right now? My fingers feel you, stroke your skin tenderly, flatter you, slide deeper - between your legs.

You have such beautiful legs. And touching you is such joy for me. I enjoy you so much! Are you about to wake up now? Actually, it makes no difference - I am doing this not only for you. I’m doing it for me! I slide a little lower now, push away the obstructive blanket. After all: the eye always becomes involved sooner or later, doesn’t it …

You are wide awake after all - you hypocrite! Now you turn toward me and pretend it’s all a dream! And indeed it may be - for you! But I am the woman of your dreams and I grant wishes -. What ARE your wishes right now? As if I didn’t know them! I know them only too well for they happen to coincide with my own.

And what treasures I get to admire now! Wonderful! I can’t resist. I simply have to touch now! To touch now, hold, press, cuddle ever closer, smell you - perhaps even more! My tongue licks across my lips. I taste the last remnants of milk there.

I wonder what YOUR milk tastes like. As if I hadn’t long since found out! Still: I want to do it again and again, just in case the flavour changes. After all, you don’t taste the same all the time. I wonder what you taste like today?

Softly I ask you what’s on today’s menu -. You open one eye and look at me quizzically. And, right you are: what a daft question! Still: you grin. How well you know me: “Sugar cone!” I burst out laughing. It is such fun to laugh with you!

The time has come. I must go after him. I can’t wait any longer. My tongue licks your tip tenderly and I realize things are not yet the way you would want them to be even though they’re precisely the way I want them. Gently, I now suck you into me, engulf you with my warmth. This is the magic moment. I close my eyes and only feel, only sense now. I feel you react, feel how IT reacts inside of you.

This lust, which is always present in you and in me – suddenly it is red hot. We both burst into flame just  like a glowing ember bursts into flame when you blow on it. The heat is here, grows into a bright flame, rises high - and shows you once again what it means to experience lust.

YESSSS!!! Ohh, what is this feeling! I would moan with delight if I was able to moan right now! My lover stretches, stretches  – grows into me. He loves it! He loves where he is. He wants more of the same - ever deeper - ever deeper into me.

You can do it! Your moans drive the blood into my loins - deep into my loins. I can feel my lust, my greed for you, for your hard, convulsing lance that feels so smooth and soft, between my lips, on my tongue. Why aren’t you equipped with two such miracles, such bewitching love toys, for me? I want you twice - want to double my lust!

I have no idea how to accomplish it, but right now I want to feel you here and in my loins at the same time. I turn, rise to my knees, spread my thighs, without leaving you. I simply can’t part with you right now. I feel cool air - life-giving like the breath you give me. I feel my own wetness in that place - the place that longingly cries out for you - for your hand, your tongue and for that which I don’t want to give up just yet!

My lips adjust, sweep over velvety skin. There is nothing in the world to compare with this feeling! I touch, stroke softly, explore the shape, the enchanting surface. I surround you, surround the turgid stem of your lust, the stem which does not drive itself upwards into the light of day but down, deep into the earth, deep into Mother Earth, into the seat of darkness - into the realms of sensuousness and lust - down to the pinnacle of ecstasy.

Does that sound paradoxical? I don’t know! All I do know is that it feels totally logical to me! Right now! You in me! Your taste on my tongue. Your lusty moans in my ears. Your hardness and my softness. Together like this - the summit of living! Only together can we reach it - the climax of our passion!

As for me, my passion knows no bounds now. How lusty you feel, how smooth, how even – and yet, I can feel every blood vessel under your skin. Your heart - how urgently it pumps to bring life’s elixir toward me, how it fills the instrument of your love - for me!

I want all of you! My tongue takes such pleasure in licking, engulfing your thick, turgid knob! I use it to push aside your foreskin - my fingers help gently, pulling carefully. Delightedly, I hear your moans that call me, telling me what you feel right now. Slowly I push your greedy tip ever deeper - deeper between my teeth, allow it to rub, to scratch, to stimulate, to enrage all the way to ecstasy. I know how you love it!

I do want everything - for you. And suddenly I feel your fingers, first only one, as it gently touches the place of my greatest longing. Its tip strikes, pushes, slides in. Opens the loving folds, returns, slides ever higher. I moan and instinctively suck you deeper into me. Your body suddenly rigid beneath me.

Convulsing, you thrust into me, all the time keeping up the circular movement of your maddening finger on the greedy little centre point of my lust. "Yess! Ohh yesss!!” Your pleading voice reaches the core of my heart.

For you! For you only! My mouth is tighter, rubs and thrusts. Unendingly provokes your greed. I reach for your testes and gently start massaging them. Your movements speed up - faster and faster. Your thrusts become harder, impatient. Just as your finger which starts thrusting into me, exploring me more deeply, possessing me, setting up its rhythm. And I follow your desire, am only lust now - wanting only lust - yours and mine!

I squeeze your testes, extend my fingers and push them between them. I know exactly what you feel, what you yearn for right now, for yourself! I have pushed myself so close to your body, suck your very core into myself.

“Y..y.. - YEEESSSSS!!” your tortured scream is my sweet reward. Your body rears in ecstasy, thrusting your lance into me, deep into my mouth, and I can feel your convulsions, experience with you the explosion that shakes you to the very core of your being. Once more your hand thrusts, lets go, releases. - I can taste you now, lick the juice of your deliverance from you and smile as I feel your shuddering relief.

You were so right, Darling: Sugar Cone!

What a wonderful morning!

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