Poseidon’s Youngest

Poseidons Jüngster


How wonderful this feeling, this fragrance. Spain had always been the homeland of her soul! She felt safe and sheltered here. She never had that feeling in Düsseldorf! But once a year, during her holiday, she just knew it: She was coming home. And this first night in her hotel room she had slept wonderfully well!


She had opened all windows as far as it was possible – and then she lay on her bed, buck naked and covered only with a light bed sheet, folded between her thighs to cover her loins. She had inhaled this wonderful scent – this scent of heat, sand and pines, had listened to the chirping of the crickets, had watched a gecko as it scurried across the ceiling above her. At long last, to enjoy this mixture of dream and reality – Mona was truly happy!


Many years she had come here for a family holiday. Well: not exactly HERE. But it had always been Spain – sometimes the mainland like this time, sometimes the islands. To her it really made no difference: Spain to her was beautiful everywhere. She felt she belonged here; even spoke the language reasonably well. For the past seven years she had chosen this country as her second homeland, had even promised herself to marry a Spaniard some day – just to be able to stay here forever. For she knew since she had been 10 that this was what she wanted. And her love for this country had never changed or wavered. She loved Spain!


And now she was here once again and inhaled this feeling of being alive. On her feet again, she stood naked and looked through the window, dreams in her eyes. The thicket of pines beneath her window had become part of her dream. Nobody could discover her here. No one wanted this room without ocean view. For Mona it was just as well. She knew it wasn’t far to the water, and the view of the trees outside was beautiful, too. At least to her it was.


Almost by accident, Mona’s gaze went to the mirror. How pale she was! An entire year in Germany, away from the southern Sun showed its effect. All the same: two or three days, or even less, in this place and she would have acquired an attractive golden hue again. Even coming here today had exposed her to this wonderful sunlight, beginning her tanning process. Mona turned round.


She had always loved her body. She was tall and well proportioned. Now she put her hands on her breasts, then let them stray gently across her abdomen. A sweet feeling flooded her. What had she dreamt last night? She couldn’t quite remember, yet a certain feeling had remained with her. Wasn’t there this superstition about the dreams of the first night in a new bed coming true? Would this apply to first nights in hotel beds as well?


No matter! She’d get dressed now and walk down to the breakfast room. She slipped into her coffee-coloured Bikini and covered herself with a soft, long T-shirt dress – cream white, featuring a colourful parrot made of paillettes down the front. How soft, how clingy it was on her body —. Mona felt well, though she knew she’d feel even better with a little tan. No one else had come to breakfast when Mona entered the room.


Mona’s folks hadn’t risen yet, but she didn’t mind in the least. As it was, they tended to get on her nerves. Her parents always said she was still in her puberty and hence difficult to deal with. Mona couldn’t have disagreed more. She was 17 after all and simply no longer a child! Why couldn’t people realize that? In her own mind there was no conflict. In fact, she was in perfect harmony with her feelings and with who she was. Only her attitude toward her family had changed lately. She was more inclined to do things on her own instead of joining the folks in all activities. She still loved them, but felt the need to spend more time by herself, to explore the feeling of her young femininity before others had a chance to confuse her further. Still: the folks insisted, and she would of course obey – within limits. And in this place there would be sufficient opportunity to express her wish for privacy.


She took some fruit from the side table, some juice, grabbed a cappuccino. Then she sat down and luxuriated in consuming a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth croissant. Still, no one else had appeared for breakfast. Mona decided to take a quick stroll along the beach. She asked the pretty Spanish woman for pencil and paper and wrote a note to her folks. Then she went to her room to collect her things. She didn’t require much – a towel, sun tan lotion, a hat, her hair brush. In happy anticipation, she set out.


In less than five minutes she was in the little bay. No long, wide beach this time, but incredible beauty: Rock formations to her left and right, leading to the sandy beach as if designed to protect it. And high above, a diving board with a narrow path leading to it. The view from there must be breathtaking, Mona thought. She started climbing upwards, stepped onto the board. It was half a meter wide and three or four meters long and extended over the water below. As Mona stepped onto it, the board swung up and down beneath her feet.


Slowly, carefully, Mona stepped forward, approaching the tip of the board. How beautiful it was around here! The wind moved through her hair and the sun’s rays penetrated her body and pleasantly warmed her. This would be an ideal spot for her to take a little sun. There certainly would be enough room – and blessed solitude. Many people would shun the effort of getting up here and forego leaping into the cool water from such lofty heights. After all, the board was positioned kind of high – at least five meters above the water. Not everybody would feel comfortable with the risk of it all. Mona would not be disturbed up here.


Very carefully, she spread her large bath towel over the board and sat down. It sure was lovely up here! Carefully, she spread some sun tan lotion over her sun-splashed skin. Then she brushed her long, blonde hair. Now she was ready to lie back and start dreaming. One last glance across the still empty bay, then she settled down and made herself comfortable. What an ideal spot this was! The sun was bright and hot in the sky, but up here a cool breeze was going as if ordered specially for her. Mona was happy that her skin was not very sensitive.


She could let her thoughts roam now. She enjoyed to lie here and surrender herself to the rays of the sun. Her hair flowed over the board and moved with the breeze. From beneath the board it must glisten and glow like pure gold. Mona wondered whether it was possible to see very much from down there. Probably not. So, nobody would notice if she moved her bikini top a little to the side. To discard it altogether required a degree of courage she simply lacked.


She wondered what it might be like if a man saw her now —. Would he like what he saw? And what would he have to be like so that she might like him also? Mona set out to invent her dream man. Yes: He’d certainly have to be young, maybe 20 or 21 – and obviously handsome. Maybe dark-haired and tanned… And the eyes: The eyes would be very important indeed. They must sparkle – particularly while he admired her. Maybe brilliantly green eyes – or blue as steel… Well: and then his hands – strong, tender hands and strong arms to enfold and hold her as he loved her. Mona would feel safe and secure in his arms. It was wonderful to dream of this man, of first love – to yearn for the fulfilment of her dreams.


“How beautiful you are, sweet Mona!” Had she really heard those words just now or had it been her imagination? Moving as little as possible, Mona turned, opened her eyes. But in her position all she could really see was sky and the tips of a few rock formations. No — she must have been mistaken. “No, you’re not, pretty Mona: You really are very beautiful!” This time, the words had been very clear and audible. But where did they come from? Mona sat up straight, looked around herself. The little bay was filled with sun-drenched holidayers now. Mona could see her parents, her two siblings. She waved to them.


There was nobody near her, though. “Hello?” she called hesitatingly. “Sooo beautiful!” the wind whispered back. Mona shook her head. She had to be mistaken. Nobody was anywhere near her. One more time she looked around herself. No: There wasn’t a soul. Only the sea was a little wilder. When she arrived it had been calm as a mirror. Now, it was covered with whitecaps. Resolutely, Mona lay back again and closed her eyes. “Did you come from Mount Olympus, pretty Mona?” Now, this she really had heard very clearly! Surely, this had not been her imagination! Mount Olympus? “Surely, you must be a goddess”, a doubting little voice said. “Who are you?” Mona asked in normal voice. “Pssssst!”, the voice replied. Instinctively, she lowered her voice “Hello. . . ?” “Maybe a half-goddess?” Was this voice talking to itself? Where did it come from? Was she losing her mind? Had she suffered sunstroke?


“Pretty Mona, come to me”, the wind seemed to whisper between the rock formations now. Mona listened intently. If there was nobody here and yet she heard someone. . . It could mean that her little brother was playing a trick on her. “Play with somebody else!” she was slightly annoyed. For a while there was silence. Maybe she had chased him away —.


“No, sweet Mona – I want you, the best among all who are beautiful! And you reciprocate! You do love me, I know it!”, the voice whispered. It was quite obviously a man’s voice, a soft baritone with a strangely youthful sound. “Commmme! Commme tooo meee!” a gentle sound floating above the waves now. Mona thought for a moment. Who on earth could that be? She had to find a way of forcing him to reveal himself! “Who are you?” she asked with a degree of curiosity and annoyance. There was no longer any doubt in her mind. Somebody was here. But who?? “Belossssssss”, the wind seemed to whisper the name. “Come to me, Mona!” it continued to sing. “Come into the water, Mona – I am waiting for you!”


Once more Mona sat up and looked at the roiling sea below. The water seemed to be boiling. Curiously however, only for a small strip in the farther reaches. Near the beach, the water was calm and even with a little bit of sea shore showing a few whitecaps. Mona stared into the distance, but nothing was there. The rest of the little bay lay quiet and undisturbed. Only once in a while a little breeze disturbed the water. Mona looked with concentration. Someone was there, and he was certainly human, wasn’t he? Diving perhaps? Well: Then sooner or later he would have to surface to breathe – and then she would catch him for sure!


Maybe it was just the heat, making her hear things that weren’t really there? “No, no, sweet Mona! You are not crazy,” came the voice again. “I really am here. I can prove it to you! Look—.” Mona looked into the water, and there, all of a sudden…


Water, waves, hills and vales – clear, mixed in deep green and blue colours, bright at first, then increasingly dark, increasingly deep, no longer transparent. And then a dolphin jumped out of the water, describing a graceful arc in the air. As it jumped, it splashed a small shower of water toward Mona. The girl gave an alarmed little scream. Her body was hot from the sun and the water felt like liquid ice. But then she laughed. How pretty the dolphin was – how enchanting.


“What a sweetie you are. Who are you?” Mona asked in a loud voice, even though she didn’t really expect an answer. But an answer did come and it startled Mona. “Do you like me? Do I appeal to you?” the coquettish voice said. Mona had to admit to herself that she liked what she heard. He could talk! That dolphin was so enchanting! And she didn’t perceive the slightest fear. Dolphins were kind, after all. No harm could possibly come to her. “You can talk?” she asked with astonishment. The reply came as a droll laughter. “Of course I can speak. The only thing that surprises me is that you can understand me. But then I knew all along that you are a very sensitive young girl.” There was that laughter again. “Tell me: Do you come from Mount Olympus?”


Mona shook her head. “How in the world do you get ideas like that?” A dolphin who asked whether she came from Mount Olympus..? “What an outlandish thought!” Totally crazy, she thought. “Well,” said the dolphin. “I thought you might, because my great-grandmother always talked about the extraordinary beauty of the women there. However, she also says she never wants to return there because Hera is truly deranged and great-grandmother does not want to be a cow anymore!” Mona thought for a moment. No, she concluded: Hera probably was anything BUT deranged. More likely she herself, Mona, was out of her mind. It might be a good idea for her to get out of the sun. Yes indeed: A little shade would be best right now.


She rose and folded her towel. “Don’t go just yet, sweet Mona!” the seductive voice said. Mona scarcely heard it. “Gotta get back to my family,” she intoned more to herself than to anyone else. “Promise you return?” she heard, and in her mind she knew full well she would, for deep down she did believe in what had just transpired. The only thing was, she couldn’t possibly share all this with anyone else.


Mona left and joined her family. “Please – can we go into the water?” her little brother Jonas implored her. “Of course we can. Wonderful idea!” she agreed. “Let’s see if we can find a dolphin we can play with.” Jonas looked at her as if she’d come from another world. “Dolphin?” he asked, “are you quite all right? There are no dolphins here!” Mona considered whether to say something, then decided against it. After all, the dolphin had appeared just for her. Anyway – they’d be taking a swim now.


Mona felt as if she was under a spell. The sea around here was so wonderful. Never before had she enjoyed the water this much. It stroked and caressed her skin and carried her as in a litter. She did not even have to swim. Regardless of her movements in the water, she never sank. ‘Must be the salt content’, she thought. ‘Probably similar to that of the Dead Sea.’ But deep in her subconscious she knew: This here was different. Quietly, she kept looking for her dolphin, but her little brother kept her busy. And when he had had enough and moved back toward the beach, Mona stayed behind.


“Where are you??” she mumbled. “Right here!” came the instant reply “I am here!” Mona looked around. “Where? I can’t see you.” The last question had only been in Mona’s thoughts. Yet, all of a sudden a young man surfaced in front of her. He rose out of the water as if he’d come from nowhere at all. Mona startled in surprise, only to calm down right away. Goodness: Was He Handsome! Tall, dark-haired, well-proportioned. With broad shoulders, beautiful hands, slim and lithe. Hand his eyes sparkled like the sea.


“All right. Then: Who are you?” Mona asked. “I am Belos! But you’ve known that all along, haven’t you?” He smiled enticingly. Mona didn’t understand the world anymore. “And the dolphin?” she asked. . . “I am who I am and I can be who ever you want me to be.” Mona was somewhat confused. What an enigmatic reply! She decided to get to the bottom of this. Again, she asked, this time with emphasis: “WHO ARE YOU?” Belos gave a condescending snort. “I am Belos, son of Poseidon and Lybia, grandchild of Ephepos and Memphis, great-grandchild of Zeus and Io.” He took a deep breath. “Are you satisfied now?” He sounded slightly annoyed with her. But Mona shook her head questioningly. Zeus. Poseidon and Io she knew from her history lessons. Greece. Did she come from Mount Olympus, he had asked her. All this simply could not be real! This good-looking man. This “Picture of a Man” – her dream man – could he. . . she dared not contemplate it: Could he be a god?


“Mona! Mona!” her little brother crowed from behind her. Mona was startled. She turned around only to see how her divine companion dissolved into thin air – or rather into clear water – almost like an ice cube. “I am what I am, and I can be what ever you want me to be!” he had said. Now she knew what he had meant.


“What do you want!” she charged her brother impatiently. He hadn’t done anything wrong. After all, it had been she herself who was confused. “This way I actually like it much better,” she heard that dark voice again. Would Jonas be able to hear it too? “Really: Much, much better,” the voice said again. And again, Mona felt this incredible stroking of her skin. How exciting this felt. As if many small hands were caressing her. Mona smiled for a long time – until she realized in just how many places Belos had his hands!


His caresses were by no means limited to the so-called “decent” parts of her body. Quite to the contrary. She became aware of his attention in areas of her body that could be aroused very quickly. In fact, it was quite obvious to her now – he was quite successful in arousing her. Mona blushed, fled back onto the beach.


She spent the rest of the day on the beach, confused and determined to avoid getting too close to the water. But she kept thinking about Belos. Was she dreaming a very special, forbidden dream here? Or could it be that she was experiencing something akin to reality? After all: the so-called Gods didn’t really exist – or did they? And after all, these “gods” would be hundreds of years old, wouldn’t they? Or thousands of years! In any event – Belos seemed quite young, passionate, relentless. Mona decided to forget the whole incident. But that was not easy to do. The rest of the day she was nervous and during the following night she experienced very exciting dreams. The next morning they were all gone, though.


Mona had decided she must be suffering from some kind of sun stroke. But now everything was back to normal again. As she beheld herself in the mirror, she noticed with pleasure just how much of a tan she had already developed. She had to admit it – she liked the way she looked. All she needed now. . . She sat down on her bed as if touched by a stroke of lightning. What, precisely, was it that she wanted? Here she sat, dreaming a man into her life. Actually: She already HAD a man in her life! And what a man he was! “…I can be whatever you want me to be,” he had said. Was it even possible to do better? After all, she did not want to be married. What she wanted was a good, old-fashioned flirt. She wanted to experience . . . Love. She wanted a gentle, tender, considerate man who could show her . . . show her . . . Love! Yes, that’s what it was. And Belos would show her everything – exactly what she had wanted all along. And what was more: He knew what she wanted because he was playing these head games with her. HE WAS IN HER HEAD!! After all: He was a god. There was only one question now: Was he real or had he grown out of her own imagination?


No matter. She would find out! The following day she once again arrived on the beach before the rest of her family did. Again she climbed up to her vantage point in the sun, on the top of the hill. And with all her might she tried not to think of HIM, even though it wasn’t easy. But she knew she couldn’t betray him – if he really was what she thought he was!


“Mona! Mona! My beautiful Mona!” – It was as if there was a voice on the wind. “You have returned! You kept your word!” “I always keep my word,” she answered. “And you. . . you will have to answer a few questions for me now, unless you want me to seriously question my own sanity! Tell me: AM I insane?” The voice laughed with some delight. “But of course not, my Mona. You are definitely not insane. Tell me, can you really not believe what you see? Can you really not trust your senses? Then come to me and I will show you just how realistic your perceptions are!”


Mona sat down. That’s what it was! Prior to him there was just simple truth. But now. . . “So, tell me,” she said, “what will you do with me if I do come to you?” She asked it with a doubting voice. There was that laughter again, as if generated by the sea. “I will loooove you, of course.” “And if I don’t WANT to be loved?” she asked. “But Mona: You DO want it,” the sea whispered. “There’s nothing in the world you want more urgently, more passionately.” Mona blushed. “It’s not true – not true,” she said almost before she knew that she knew better. What a confounded situation!


“Dearest, beautiful Mona! Tell me, may I come to you?” the question came softly, quietly. Mona nodded, then asked, “Can you really do that? – I mean, leave the water?” In a flash, he sat beside her – an extremely handsome young man. His hair was dark, he was impressively tall. Beautiful, except for the fact that his skin shone with a fascinating green hue. Mona looked at him with some astonishment. “I AM able to leave the water,” he said. “Only, I must remain close to the shore – because I AM the water.” “Well,” the voice said, “Did you think you’d like what you’d see?” “Actually, I do,” Mona said “…except for the color of your skin…” He looked at her questioningly, then nodded. “I don’t do this very often, you know,” he mumbled, and, to Mona’s surprise, his skin tone changed until it approximated hers. Mona couldn’t believe her eyes. “Better now?” he asked.


How wonderful, she thought. She had caught herself a god! The most handsome man in this world was interested in her! He wanted her. . . her, he wanted to make love to her! There seemed no escape because he was in all her thoughts. “And what happens if I really don’t want to?” she asked with some trepidation. Belos smiled at her. “I will – well: I can only do what you want me to do. I must respect the will of all beings, because I am a son of Poseidon!” This time, Mona believed him right away.


He took her into his arms and held her tightly. “I will only touch you where you want me to. It’s true, I am the water, but my spirit is not everywhere. I will only be where you want me to be. You will dive into me and I will caress you.” His hand swept over her chest, caressing her breasts gently. “I will stroke your skin – just like I did yesterday. You did enjoy the feel of my hands then, on your breasts. I saw it. The tips grew hard under my fingers, just as they do now,” he murmured seductively. “You do enjoy the feeling when I caress your thighs, higher and higher – the feeling around your sweet conch as I touch it, as I gently penetrate it.” He sighed softly now. “None of the shells on the sea shore can’t compare with this one.”


Mona grew hotter and hotter. Yes indeed, she had enjoy it, this sensuous tingling – but it had never occurred to her that it could have come from a man. For her it had been a force of nature, not sex.


Belos pulled her onto his lap. “But my darling: Did you not know that sex is always a force of nature?” His fingers were between her legs now, gliding higher, touching her core – underneath her bikini briefs. Between her labia. For him there truly were no other obstacles, save her own will. “Don’t” she panted now. “Not here!” He stopped immediately and once again sat beside her, well-mannered, totally decent. “You’re right,” he agreed. “It really is too dangerous here, too public.”


But come to me. . . come into my kingdom and let me show you the true nature of love, love as a force of nature. Let me show you the broiling sensations of passion, when I charm your beautiful body, arouse all your senses and carry you to the summit of lust!” Once again he embraced her, kissed her, planting small kisses on her mouth – long kisses, until she no longer knew but to open herself to him, to return his kisses – and to melt away in her lust.


“I know it full well,” he whispered against her neck. “You want it too! You do want to feel the king of the Sea caress the sweet conch, to feel him search for the pearl of your lust to make it glow with joy. You do want to feel it grow. . . You want to feel it become so very sensitive, to feel complete fulfilment under the gentle caress of my fingers. I know you desire nothing more than to discover the narrow, hidden nook in your body – together with me! You do want to invite me to help you find it, explore it! To give you fulfilment to the point where all the oceans on the planet tremble – to the point when the waves crash all over you and you drown in your lust.”


Mona hardly knew any more how to get control of her senses. His hands seemed to be everywhere. His soft, pleading voice aroused her, persuaded, convinced her more and more. Yes, this was precisely what she wanted. She wanted HIM, wanted his tenderness, his lust, and her own! And he wanted to initiate her into this lusty toying with natural forces. “Now: come then, Mona: Say yes,” he pleaded. Still and all: She still lacked that last little particle of courage – perhaps only today? She still could not fully surrender to him – and he respected her wishes.

“All right,” he whispered. “Not yet, sweet Mona – not yet. But I will be there, I will be waiting. And every time you immerse yourself in water, you will feel me. I will seduce you, entice you with caresses, until you beg me to stop – until you implore me to grant you my passion, the passion that is yours in any event. And now: come with me. Let me carry you on my hands. I will show you what ever your heart desires.”


And with that, he had vanished, running over her body as a cooling brook. She felt him between her breasts, over her stomach, into her panties. There was no getting away from his magnetism, except through the strength of her willpower.


What was she supposed to do now? Here they were, taking a holiday in this coastal resort – and she loved the water so much. How was she to explain to her parents that she would not enter the water anymore, because. . . yes: because the water aroused her so much. . . ? Because Belos aroused her? They’d declare her insane! Who on earth would believe her story? The King of the Sea indeed! And he wanted her? How preposterous!


On the other hand, she herself wanted it also. She really, really wanted these incredible sensations. All his tenderness, his greed and, yes, his lust. He would turn it all into HER greed, HER lust! What was she waiting for? When he wasn’t there she felt alone, empty! She would. . .


With one mighty jump she was back in the water – and soon felt herself surrounded by tender arms. She dived deeply and when she opened her eyes, she saw HIM. With one mighty stroke of his powerful arms he was beside her, slipped up from the bottom of the sea and held her in his arms. “Sweet Mona,” he whispered inside her head. “OH Yes! Let me make love to you!” Now a thousand hands caressed her entire body. How wonderful that felt, how exciting. She did not need to swim. She was floating in the water. Even beneath the surface she felt perfectly safe. Mona was in her element.


And just in that moment, when in her mind’s eye she saw the lonely beach, they had already reached it together. Mona lay in the soft white sand and gentle water splashed around her longing body, caressing it and arousing all her senses. And then HE was back with her – Belos, the man.


His hands were so gentle, Mona moaned with greed. In a split second she was rid of her bikini and he gazed at her nakedness. “Wonderful,” he mumbled. “What enticing breasts you have. How exciting to see them react to your growing arousal. Look; just like the buds of a water lily on big, round leaves – so very beguiling!” His lips closed on her hard nipples, exerted gentle pressure. His gentle sucking made Mona so wild that she did not notice how his hand had inserted itself between her upper thighs. She suddenly felt as if invaded by the ocean surf. Oh, how it swept over her flesh, only to retreat and then invade again to stimulate her all over again. Almost despite herself Mona opened herself, savoured the sensations.


“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Belos,” she moaned. “I want you to love me. Not the sea, Belos! You! Just you, you — the man!” “Oh, my sweet girl,” he whispered back as he knelt between her wide open legs. “Let me caress the pearl of your desire. Let me bring it to full blossom.” Mona watched as he bent over her pelvis, admiring all the treasures now open and revealed to him.


And then she saw even more. She saw his phallus – mighty and hard and eager for her. As if in a trance, Mona reached for it. Belos froze in mid-movement. With a sigh he stretched, offered his loins to her. “Mona!” His voice now sounded like the longing sigh of the wide open sea. “No mortal has ever touched me like this before.” His groans now spoke of nothing but greed and desire.


“What an intense feeling! More than. . . Better than. . . Oh Mona! More! More! Mona!!” Mona had started to caress him carefully. She savoured this solid column of flesh, felt it between her fingers now, fondled it sensuously. Up and down – up and down. He had adjusted the movements of his loins to those of her hand. She suddenly realized the power she had over him, the king of the ocean! What a strange feeling it was, how wonderful – to realize that she was not the only novice at this game. He, too, did not know everything. She was capable of giving him sensations that no one else could bestow on him. She watched his reaction to her caresses with curiosity, adjusted her caress from time to time. She masturbated him very slowly now and he had risen to his knees to give her more access to him.


What a wonderful thing, this. . . this stem, she thought. Stem! It was the suitable word for it. Big and strong, and just under the surface she could make out his blood vessels – irregular, much like the bark of a tree and yet, skin as soft as velvet – attracting, flattering, beckoning her to make love to it with her hand. How would the member feel on her tongue, she wondered. When she bent down to find out she heard Belos moan loudly: “Yess! OHHH YESSSS!!!” His voice seemed to implore her. Mona had him in her hand now – in every sense of that word. All her fears had suddenly evaporated. Curious, she now licked across the mushroom-shaped crown of his phallus, heard his groan – and slowly inserted him into her mouth.


“Oh Poseidon,” she heard him groan, “is that ever horny!” His pelvis thrust out to her now. He could no longer keep himself under control. He had to increase his lust now, all the way to the stage of ecstasy! And Mona was licking and sucking him as she would have a popsicle. With true devotion she sucked him. She could hardly believe the thrill of holding him so close to her gaze – his penis, testicles which kept swinging with the force of his thrusts. Mona reached for them, massaged gently, held them in her palm. Belos was all but breathless with arousal now. “Mona! Mona!” he groaned. “Please!! Oh Mona – PLEASE!!” He was begging for relief! Mona’s movements now were in perfect harmony with his own and the moment she felt him between her lips, she heard his piercing scream of deliverance. Mona let go and watched as a powerful jet of sea water shot out of his tip.


All but exhausted, Belos collapsed on top of her. But his eyes sparkled. “At least now you know that you need not worry about consequences,” he breathed. “I will never be able to impregnate a mortal woman.” The thought had not even occurred to Mona. Now it would not have to become a worry for her. Besides, she was far too aroused to worry about such things right now.


She had not been unaffected by his powerful orgasm. All she wanted now was more of the same feeling she had just experienced. And his hand between her thighs brought her closer and closer to her own crisis. She could, would give herself to him. She had seen his lust, had given him ecstasy. Now she would receive, would savour, his gift for her.


Very slowly, she lay back now and opened herself to him. She savoured his hot gaze on her. And she noticed the effect she had on him. Belos had risen and knelt between her thighs now. He kissed her stomach, just above where her pubic hair ended. His hands were under her derriere. Tenderly, he massaged her, while his lips placed little kisses around her mound. To think what he would be able to see now made Mona wild.


His kisses at the centre of her lust were closing in on the centre of her very being. His thumbs had started to gently open her labia. He moaned softly. “Oh, how wonderful!” he whispered almost worshipful. Then his tongue found her pussy and he explored every nook and cranny inside. Mona was writhing under his caresses, lifting her pelvis up to offer it to his lips. “Please! Please!” she panted. “Make love to me now! Let me feel IT inside me now! Take me, Belos. I want your trident inside me!! OOOohhh Belos — Make me come!!” She had been totally overtaken by her desire for his phallus.


Belos hesitated. “I can give you lust, without . . . Mona, you are so beautiful, so sweet – so virginal, so pure. And I don’t want to hurt you.” Mona was on fire. She had to have him! Now! She needed him, WANTED to have him! “Do it!” she demanded, rearing toward him. “You promised! Now let me experience it!” His hands had never stopped caressing her. Now he circled the pearl of her love, watched as her nest became more and more engorged, saw how wet her labia had become, how they seemed to yearn for his flesh. Gently, he moved even closer to her. His penis reared toward her, almost touching her. “Quiet, Mona: Quiet, quiet,” he whispered soothingly. “Let me do this. Let yourself drift. Just feel – enjoy the feeling of my gift to you.” He reached for his member and pressed it gently against her, rubbed it against her pussy, then withdrew. Mona closed her eyes and moaned. She had all but surrendered herself to him. Let him do whatever he wanted, she thought. She would savour – savour!


How wonderfully they harmonized with one-another! His magic wand only had to touch her and she was in heaven. His careful friction against her flesh went through and through her. She yearned to be filled totally, wanted to feel him completely. Wild thrusts she wanted. Even pain if necessary! Still, he only explored and was gone again. His sceptre pushed between her lips, touched her entrance, retreated. “Please! Please!” she implored. Her pussy screamed for satisfaction. Now! Now! To somehow force him to. . . Her pelvis thrust toward him. “OOohhh! Take me! Belos! Now! Please! NOW!!” Great God, how horny she was for him! Completely insane now!


“Hold still!” he ordered, and she obeyed. “Slowly!” he whispered. “Very slowly!” And thrust his hardness deeper – slowly, slowly. Mona stared to pant. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” She lifted her pelvis again and began coital thrusts. Deeper and deeper he came, then escaped her again. And Belos was speechless – speechless and incredibly aroused. Slowly, he was losing control now. If she continued this way, he would be unable to hold himself back. His sensitive glans was moving deep inside her now. In and out, in and out, in and out. He clenched his teeth trying to control himself.


All of a sudden, it had become clear to him why Zeus was so horny for mortal women. They were so wonderfully respectless. They did not care that he was a god. He had never experienced a more divine fuck! This was lust in its purest form. Arousal to the limits of endurance. Ecstasy. Belos thrust deeper, could not stop himself. “Now, Mona! Now!! Let yourself come!” he panted, thrusting from his hip. No holding back now. No quarter given. Deep into her! Thrust upon thrust. “Yes!! Oohh yes! Mona!! Yesss!!! Now!! Mona!! OOOHHHH MONA!!! NOWW!!!”


And then he saw her thrashing in her lust, watched how she dug her hands into the sand in convulsive ecstasy. Mona opened her eyes, her body reared, remained motionless for an eternity. He felt her wallow under him, heard her cry out in her extreme lust. In unison they screamed their joy. Mona raised her arms, thrust her fingernails into his flesh. Their bodies had become entwined with each other, fused into one at their most sensitive point. How much he would have liked to be a Siamese twin with her right now!


Totally breathless, they lay on top of each other, gave themselves up to their exhaustion. “Belos,” she whispered, still out of breath. “It did not hurt one bit! It was wonderful! It was sheer, complete bliss.” Mona was surprised. She had expected pain, the first time. He smiled at her. “It helps to be a god,” he said. “But: The next time it may well hurt – when some ruffian comes along and tears you apart there.” He couldn’t bear the thought. It made him furious.


But then he thought of something different and he smiled. His anger subsided. He could be with her whenever she wished him near her. After all – he was omnipresent. He was the elixir of life – WATER! And Mona had power over him!

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