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They had known each other for almost three years, and had been a couple since then. It was love, plain and simple! She loved him, he loved her. Paul could remember it all too well, those enticing games they had played, those crazy things he could do with her, and the things she did with him. It wasn’t only his desires and his ideas that they played out – not only his desires and ideas did they play out; some of hers left him speechless, dumbfounded. And as he contemplated it all – only she could catapult him to heaven and back – or drag him into the depths of hell, to meet his own personal little she-devil.


That was when it all began with those sweet, exciting little games that brought him close to a heart attack. She knew that he was hers, and that he would never give her up. Maybe that was what gave her the courage to play out her insane schemes.


It almost took his breath away when she came up to him one wonderfully clear Sunday in the winter, already in her fur coat, with his little camera in her hand. “Let’s go for a walk,” she said, giving him a knowing smile. She never went for walks, just like that, so something was cooking …


At this point, he still had no idea what was going on. “What do you want to take photos of?” he asked inquisitively. She just gave him one of her mischievous little smiles. “Me? Nothing,” she retorted, as she started to blush … and he was starting to get hot under the collar. Now, why was she blushing? Something was going on … but what? What, damn it?


“I don’t feel like taking photos, either,” he said, trying a new tack. “Oh, you will alright,”  she said, her face breaking into a knowing grin. “You’ll want to,” she said, suddenly very sure of herself. Fine, he wasn’t going to ask any more questions, he’d prepare himself for a surprise. That was something she could do like no one else! He obediently put on his coat and reached for her hand. “So where are we going?” he asked. That mischievous smile again – so sweet, so enticing … “Into the woods,” she replied.


Silently he walked beside her, holding her by the hand, drawing her close to him; a thousand steamy, lustful thoughts burst into his head, digging into his flesh, driving him to the brink of delirium. She hadn’t done a thing, yet he was so tense. Somehow, the excitement of anticipation tore him apart. Would it happen? What would happen?  The thought of what could happen tore  him apart with excitement and anticipation.


Taking quick steps toward the woods, she started to slow down as if she didn’t quite know where she was headed. “Where … are we going?” he whispered so softly that she could hardly hear him. He didn’t want to disturb her – to interrupt her in her plan.


“How should I know,” she replied brusquely. “But it was you who wanted to go on this walk,” he countered, confused. All of a sudden, she spun around to face him, and her coat fell open … and he almost fell over at the sight. Under this soft fur, she was totally naked, one pert breast the shade of alabaster pointing at him, challenging him. Paul reached out with his hand. Eva raised a part of the coat, leaving a gap at exactly the right place. Her erect nipple stood hard against the icy cold, beckoning him. “Come on,” it seemed to whisper, and as he laid his hand on it, that sudden sensation of warmth from her bare skin in his cold hand enthralled him … sent him on TO the verge of boiling over with the heat coursing through his veins.


What insane ideas this woman had!


“Show me,” he whispered deeply. An elfish smile flashed across Eva’s lips. “Show you what?” she asked, feigning sweet innocence. “You really aren’t wearing … anything … under that coat?” The thought captivated him. But still, there were those long pink boots he could see her wearing. She started to fiddle with the hook clasp on the front of her coat. He would have done anything to help her, ripping that coat from her body on in one mad motion. But  he resisted, gnashing his teeth. It was her HER game, and he would follow. He would not want to do anything but BUT follow her! At least, he couldn’t think of anything else he’d prefer to do at that moment.


With one sweeping motion her coat fell open like a stage curtain on opening night. The silky fur surrounded her gorgeous, naked body as Paul grabbed the camera. What an amazing picture! A snowy winter forest in the sunshine and in the middle of it all, a wonderful naked girl … his HIS naked girl … Eva! 


As if in a trance, he took one photograph after another, coming to his senses only when she she let her coat fall from her shoulders into the snow. What on earth was she doing? What if someone caught them?  Eva let herself down, seductively reclining on her fur coat. She’d been right: He would want to photograph that, just as she had said. There wouldn’t be enough film for all the photos he suddenly wanted to take. But once he’d finished shooting, he’d think of other things to do instead. That much he was sure about.


She turned onto her front, snuggling up to the silky fur with her belly, stretching her white behind up at him. Click! Next, she lifted herself onto her knees.  Paul caught his breath. No! He was not going to photograph that. Nobody else should be allowed to share this vision – not even a chance glimpse. Or maybe he should? No! But maybe a photo for his wallet? The effect would be as overwhelming as it was now. Click! Click! He was shaking like a leaf by now, which had little to do with the cold. She wasn’t shaking. Anyway, he was feeling hot – incredibly hot.


“Oh Eva!” he rasped as though he’d swallowed a grater. “More … show me more!” Eva spread her legs and pushed her back up. All he could see was that sumptuous rump and that gorgeous pussy in-between. Click! Click! Click! God, these photos would be hot… her soft, blond-bordered pussy, smiling at him in its pink moisture. No! This was not going to go into his wallet. Every time he took it in his hand, he would be incapable of putting two normal thoughts together – not with a constant hard-on.


And indeed, he had a raging hard-on right now. Why take  all the photos? What was he thinking? He put away the camera and crept up to her … but why? She was waiting for him … she turned toward him, smiling seductively, swaying her hips. He glided his hand onto her behind. How cool her skin was, cool and taut; smooth, inviting. Paul stroked over it. His other hand joined the first. He knelt behind her, and all he saw were her voluptuous naked buttocks, inviting him. “Hot!” he whispered. “This is so damn hot!” His hands took hold, he massaged, caressed, then took a more firm grip … pushed her cheeks apart as he bowed further. He could see his breath in the cold air. Paul breathed toward that beautiful vulva, watched his hot breath settle on her – touching her sweet honey pot. The white vapour formed a bond between them, between his lips and her love lips. Engorged, moist, lustful, they seemed to smile at him. He had to kiss them!


“And now?” he asked softly. Looking at him, Eva only needed to smile. Her eyes said it all! He smiled back, but could not resist the urge to taste her delight. His tongue gently caressed her glistening tunnel of love, covering her vulva. He moaned softly. What a feeling … his hands reached out for her, drawing her closer. The cool smoothness of her hips in her hand, so stimulating. And she tasted so wonderful – so right – of forest … of damp leaves and raspberries, mushrooms and tiny, sweet, forest strawberries. Sheer ecstasy! 


Paul could fairly smell his own ardour.  Oh, how she always found a way to rouse his temptation! He pushed in deeper with his lips, sensing her heat between those spread legs. Her hands cupped her firm breasts. Ice-cold, taut, the nipples like little blackberries in his fingers. He rubbed them softly, eliciting a moan from her. Eva lifted her pelvis toward him. But could he make love to her … here?


It was far too dangerous, and far too cold. But he still couldn’t resist. He was too far gone in his anticipation – to have sex with her – lustful, carefree sex under the open sky. How had she known that? How could she have known his innermost dreams? Or were these his dreams her own creation? Her cherries rubbed into the palm of his hand. How cold they were! Paul let go, looked around and the answer came to him. He reached his hand out to her and pulled her up to her feet.


There was a tree stump there; he brushed the snow from it … and pulled the trousers off his legs. He slipped out of his coat, leaving it hanging on his shoulders. “Here,” he whispered. Eva had already understood his intentions. She picked up her coat and walked toward him, her hips swaying. Paul was hot to trot – she was so sexy, so seductive, and so naked – in the middle of the woods. His member throbbed as he felt her, felt her pressing herself up against him, her cold skin rubbing on his; he let out a loud moan.


Eva could clearly see his longing. Waves of passion rose up above him like steam. Despite the biting chill on her skin, arousing her, she did not feel cold inside. His warm body magnetised her. She slowly spread her legs and stepped closer, glided down his manhood, pressing her body against his. His arms encircled her, drawing her into his heat, so enticingly … the contrast between the heat from his body and the icy winter air … he laid her coat around her, gently nestling her in the fur. His hands swept warmly and tenderly over her chilled skin. Sighing, she snuggled up to him, melting into the warm shelter of his arms.


Softly, Paul pushed her to the ground. Her moistened slit rubbed against his rod. Eva reacted immediately. Her hips began to sway slowly, gyrating deliciously softly and enticingly around the centre of his lust. “Oh … yes!” he cried with satisfaction. His hands set the pace; carefully, he guided her pussy, caressing himself with it. He was in no hurry. It was so beautiful here – so arousing, feeling her naked body, tenderly entering her, softly swaying his way inward.


Paul only moved little, backward and forward, backward and forward, rubbing against her flesh with his glans. He sensed her snuggling up close to him. Her legs opened wider for him and he heard a dark growl of satisfaction emanating from deep inside her throat. Her lips were touching his neck, and found a smooth patch between his hair and collar. Aroused, he felt her tongue as it stroked that sensitive place under his ear. She slowly moved upward, licked his earlobe and gently took it between her teeth. Paul groaned. Eva knew all his erogenous zones, and knew the exact place to turn him on. She tenderly nibbled at him. Paul’s pelvis was NOW in full motion. He plunged further, gripping her hips and pressed her onto the tip of his erection. Panting, gasping, he closed his eyes, immersed himself in the feeling of being immersed in her, his whole body electrified into every last cell of his shaft. “Oh … yes!” she moaned, confirming his sensation with her own prolonged sighs.


Eva’s movements began to speed up. She rose and descended now, each time gasping for air as she felt him surge inside. But Paul held onto her, slowing her passion. He pulled her toward him, only rocking backward and forward. The tip of his shaft touched her bounty and plunged inside – only briefly – and out again. She moaned. What a feeling! He was driving her insane with lust. Her yearning to feel him inside herself was unbearable,  to have him finally pumping into her, filling her. She longed for it so much. Her pussy was screaming for it. “Do it!” she gasped. “Please … do it!”


But he held her as if in a vise, squeezing their bodies tightly together. She could hardly move, and he was still pulsing  – very tenderly – between her engorged love lips. Eva gave a whine. She no longer felt cold – she was close to boiling point. His hand pushed forward between their glowing bodies, gradually making its way downward, toward her treasure chest.


“Yesss!” she moaned. ”Oh yes, please, Paul, please!” He probed softly with his finger tips, touched her highly sensitive labia, glided over them and found the apex guarding her sanctuary like a gothic cathedral’s window over the jewels inside. He massaged her with his thumb and forefinger. Eva turned in his arms. “Do it!” she begged him. “I’m so horny! I want you to do it – now!” she craved, gasping. “Fuck me, Paul, please!”


As his finger slid in and touched her clitoris, she began to scream her ecstasy. “Oh yes! Paul! Yes!” She bent back in passion, threw her coat from her shoulders and pushed her pelvis toward him. Her hands parted her vulva to make more room for him, for these soft movements that were driving her to the brink of madness.


Paul absorbed this image in his mind – this naked beauty on his lap, with erect, engorged breasts and eyes that had glazed over in ecstasy, moaning and pining for his cock. He could no longer control himself. He pumped into her eagerly – at the moment when she let out a wild cry. She arched her back, pushing herself onto his exploding phallus. Her orgasm swept reality from her mind, plunged her into the paradise of lust  they shared.


Eva and Paul closed their eyes, held onto each other and enjoyed the incredible ecstasy that welded their bodies together. One body! Eva snuggled against him in her pleasure. Her skin had gone up in goose bumps, and she was missing her coat now. She could have crawled into Paul right now. This man was the best thing that had ever happened to her… she had wanted to drive him insane with this idea, but now he had returned the favour. God, what a climax!


Purring with pleasure, she wound her arms around his chest, cuddling up to him. Paul reached for her coat and wrapped her up in it, his fingers stroking, caressing. He took one last admiring look at her naked body, then carefully closed the clasp of her coat and lifted her from his lap. “Let’s go home. I have important things to do.” Eva looked at him as if taken aback. “Now?” she asked, a little annoyed. “What exactly?” Paul grinned. “I’ll have to look at these photos,” he replied, laughing. He took her by the hand and led her away. He was in a hurry! He had things to do.


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Translated by Nimrod