On a River's Edge - Wednesday

The Willow Rod

Die Weidenrute


Once again, Martin lay on the river bank and dreamt. This was not Wednesday but Friday, yet: his thoughts travelled back to his Wednesday afternoons with the girls. What else? Never before had he experienced anything so extraordinary. These two sweet girls, with whom he had had such exciting  sex now occupied all his thoughts. Alas, today his two young beauties would not come for him. But at least he could dream of them. Lying on his stomach, he revelled in his memories and enjoyed the warm rays of the sun on his skin. Life was so good to him right now! As far as he knew, none of his friends had ever experienced hot sex games like he had. That’s when a grinding sound woke him from his reverie. Someone must be in a great hurry indeed, Martin thought. Noisy, hasty footfalls invaded his daydreams. He could hear the gravel fly. Then it was quiet again. The passerby must have entered the lawn again – or had stopped altogether. Martin decided to dream on.


Antonia was indeed in a hurry. She wanted to get what she was about do to over with – namely, punish this pathetic creep, who had enjoyed her little sister right here in the open! Sophie had always been a bit precocious , had even stolen men from her, or at least tried very hard to do so! Truth to tell, Antonia thought, this man Martin didn’t really have very much of a chance against the charms of Sis. And Sophie was really good in using her charms to advantage! 


But sex games right here, in the open, with TWO such girls yet? That went decidedly too far, Antonia had decided. That’s why she was here to make it clear to him once and for all. After all: she WAS responsible for her sister, ever since their parents had perished! And then again: Maybe there was a little bit of envy on her mind? Maybe just a trace. No more!


Antonia wished she had changed before coming here. It was so hot today and she was still in her riding boots and britches, topped by a thin, white sleeveless blouse. The blouse made the sun bearable. And her riding crop! She should have taken it along! Antonia cursed herself! It was too late now, even though there were ways of correcting the latter oversight. Antonia stopped and tore a strong rod from a willow, swept the leaves off the stem. She swished the rod through the air and heard it whistle. Yes, this would do just fine! Her eyes searched for the place where Sophie had told her she had met this Martin. Antonia stepped around the thick tree trunk and stopped abruptly.


Such impertinence! Right in front of her eyes lay Martin – naked, provocative – no doubt hunting girls again. Without thinking twice, Antonia’s rod whistled down on Martin’s buttocks! SMACK! Martin perceived the stinging pain just as he had felt the stirring of arousal from his dreams of the two girls he had seduced here – and the smack multiplied the arousing effect on him. Antonia’s stroke was now arousing him fully, made him feel pure lust. Martin moaned loudly, but did not move.. 


“So, you are the creep who licked my little sister’s pussy!” Wow, Martin thought: This is getting better! SMACK!! The rod made contact with his buttocks again! Martin trembled with lust. “Who the hell are you?” he managed to stammer, trying to turn around. He had not reckoned with the young woman’s speed. In a flash she had put her foot on his neck, pushing him down on his blanket.”Don’t you dare move,” she snarled. Martin lay still as a mouse, barely dared to breathe. 


So there she was, teaching him manners – even though, truth to tell, she didn’t quite know what to do next. Seeing him lie in front of her, stark naked! Her eyes traced the lines of his body. She understood suddenly how her sister had been affected by this man. So tall he was, slim, endowed with this sweet, firm, round ass! Good enough to eat, even with the two red streaks he now sported. His curly brown hair was well-groomed. No doubt he was very handsome – if only she could see him from the front. But she couldn’t very well tell him to turn around. In fact, she didn’t know WHAT to tell him right now. So she growled, “What did you do with her?” 


Martin was at his wit’s end. Who was this woman? Sophie’s sister or the sister of his irresistible Julia? So he said quietly: “With whom…?” SMACK! His behind got the answer without delay. Pure lust again flooded the man’s lower body and a moan of delight escaped his lips. His penis strained. He just HAD to change his position now to avoid lasting damage to his shaft. He couldn’t very well turn onto his back, so the only relief was to raise his behind. SMACK! He got it again! “With Sophie, you bastard,” she hissed. 


Martin could not avoid a grin. Nothing! He had done nothing to that horny little Sophie! She had been his One and Only that day! But he very much doubted that she had told her sister everything! “Sophie took all her clothes off and lay down on my blanket,” he attempted to explain. SMACK! The rod no longer struck him across his buttocks but beat him lengthwise. He felt the tip touch his very back. - “Hhhhmmmmm!” Martin heard himself moan through his teeth. Now she stepped around him, observed him as if he was a pesky insect, stopped right before his nose. He saw her dusty riding boots, lifted his head. SMACK! The rod struck him hard between his buttocks, went really deep! Martin panted with pain, opened his legs wide. 


He couldn’t believe how horny he felt. He’d never experienced anything like this before! Pain could drive him insane with lust! And he had seen her now: Small and delicate, with short, tussled, black hair and bright golden  eyes that shot darts at him. Her hand held a rod or something and she looked like the angel of revenge! Wonderful! He wouldn’t mind playing with her a little as he had played with – he just KNEW it. But how could he get her to. . . ? 


“Sophie actually seduced ME!” he declared boldly. SMACK! Martin clenched his teeth. One more such strike and he would go insane with lust! “She lay down naked, right here, and asked to have her sun lotion put on her body.” He was waiting for the next slash of the rod now, but nothing came. More provocation then, he decided. “She spread her legs and showed me her pussy!” Again, no smack. “You have no idea how horny the little minx smelled.” SMACK! SMACK! Martin panted in lust and pain. His skin was burning. He now felt every streak she had inflicted on him, and more, much more. His Lust lay deeper than ever before. He wanted more now. More lust. And more pain! Both lust and pain had become one. 


“I guess you enjoy hurting me,” he said, trying to sound matter-of-factly. SMACK! The rod reached his back. He had made her angry! And now he knew how this was going to end. “Striking me turns you on, doesn’t it!” She heard the smile in his voice. SMACK! “Yes! Yes! It DOES make you horny!” He almost laughed at her now. “Are you getting wet between your legs yet?” He wanted to provoke her now. She should do whatever she wanted – except stop! 


“Come on, come on, you pretty stranger! Admit it. You want a lot more than thrash me! You want to fuck! You want me to fuck you!” SMACK! “YESSS!” he groaned. “More! More, Darling! You are driving me wild!!” His voice was hoarse now, hoarse and longing. Antonia seethed with anger. This creep was laughing at her!! He had recognized something she herself didn’t know! He had seen right through her! Was THAT why she had come here? Because this would arouse her? SMACK! She moaned in unison with him now, felt his lust in her own body! Martin heard her moan and turned around – and Antonia caught her breath! He looked incredible and his phallus showed what she had done to him. What to do! SMACK! It was pure instinct now. And as her rod struck the most sensitive part of his body, she knew she was going to steal him from her sister. 


His eyes were laughing at her now. “Get undressed’” he said. Antonia trembled. What was the matter with her? Why did she suddenly want this man whom she had only seen for the first time just now? She felt the arousal that had changed everything – that had changed HER! SMACK! “You bastard!” she hissed – and unbuttoned her blouse, threw it at him. Martin knew he would have her. Now! He put the blouse aside, saw her naked breasts! He wasn’t going to miss any of this. SMACK! “Don’t you dare move!” she ordered. “Of course not,” he murmured obligingly and watched as she wound herself out of her boots and riding britches. “How beautiful you are!” His voice was but a whisper now. SMACK! The half naked, exciting young woman struck again – But now it was only sex; pure lust! Hers and his! 


“Come here!” he beckoned. She shook her head. Her black tussle locks flew, her golden eyes shot daggers at him. “I am not going to move. You will come to me!” It was like an order. SMACK! The rod struck him again. “Yesss! Yesss my sweet!” he whispered, “YOU come here! C’m on you little witch. Come to me!” His voice flipped and he laughed. “I know you want to do it. You want to show me how wet you are, how horny!! You want to show me your wet pussy, don’t you. Just like your little sister! You’re dying to be licked, just like she was!” He smiled amused. “Maybe you want even more..” SMACK! “Yesss!” He was writhing on the ground now. “Yesss! You DO want more! You want to fuck!” SMACK! “What do you want? Want to keep your panties on?” Martin grinned. His skin had turned red and was sensitive as onion skin paper. SMACK! “I won’t pull it off your body, sweetie!” SMACK! “Your sister did it herself, too. Even if she didn’t tell you. And you can do it too!” 


Antonia tore off her panties. She no longer knew what she was doing, could no longer think clearly. Slowly she knelt down. His hand reached her, slid between her open legs. “Wow! How hot you are – hotter even than your little sister!” “You CREEP!” She held on to her rod for dear life – and melted into her own lust. What on earth should she do? SMACK! She was unable to tear herself from those maddening fingers he kept thrusting deeper and deeper into her. 


“Come closer!” He pulled her to him. “Let me lick your horny little clitoris. I want to taste you now, smell your lust, your horniness!” He lay breathless under her now, buried his mouth between her turgid labia. Her rod struck again. SMACK! His greed shook him and he sank his teeth into her. Antonia screamed and pressed herself closer to his mouth, felt his tongue, wanted him deeper and deeper inside herself – harder, hornier. She had to feel him now! There was no other way!


With the well-practised move of an experienced horse woman she flipped herself onto him, knelt stock upright over his manhood, then pressed herself down, impaling herself on him. Slowly his hard lance penetrated her hungry pussy. He still did not move inside her! And Antonia was insane with greed for him. SMACK! The rod struck his stomach, his chest. Martin could not help moaning with lust but remained motionless.  


She would have to do it herself. He would provoke her until her lust drove her insane! Or she would beg him, as Sophie had. Slowly, whimpering loudly as she felt him withdraw, Antonia tried to impale herself deeper. “Do it!! Do it!!” she whispered urgently. His hand found her clitoris again, rubbed the fleshy button, but he did not move. “What would you like?” he asked innocently. “Please! Please!! She groaned breathlessly. “Please, you bastard: Fuck me!!” 


SMACK! This time he flipped as the rod struck him. He grabbed her hips and thrust deep into her – hard, without holding anything back! Moaning loudly, they drove themselves into each other now. Almost breathless, Martin HAD to tell her, to aggravate her further: “You can come back here any time – and thrash me and fuck me. You can even bring your sister with you!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Hard struck the rod now! Harder! Harder! He had driven her insane and she lost all inhibition. “OOOoohh YESSSS!!” Her voice flipped and twitching and trembling she collapsed onto him. Her ecstasy shook her to the core. She kept her pussy over his penis and when he reared up and shouted his lust, finally taking his own pleasure. She thrust down on him again with full force. It was too much for him.”YESSS!! OHHHH. . . MY . . . GOD!!! YESSSS!!!” His scream echoed across the river and into the meadows. It did not matter to them. They had experienced more than sex. They had found the essence of lust! 


He smiled already when she finally slid off him and started cuddling into his blanket. His fingers found the slick proof of their lust between her thighs. “Horny!” he said “Horny, just like your little sister!” Antonia turned, looked into his eyes. She reached for her willow rod and drew it across his body. “Ouch!” he exclaimed. This time had HAD been pain. Now it was Antonia who smiled. “Not quite, my dear,” she said. “Not quite!” And suddenly he knew that she was right.  


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