On a River's Edge



Here it was Wednesday again and he fevered toward things he hoped with all his heart would happen today. They had had the time to contemplate what had happened, what they had done and how they had enjoyed it. Would they be there again today? Would they be curious, courageous enough?


After all, they HAD been rather intimate with him, both of them! They all shared a sensitive secret now. And they knew he would not do anything they didn’t want him to do. This was their chance to gather sexual experience, drive themselves mad, without running any danger whatever. Somehow, Martin KNEW they would appear! They would never be able to resist! Their hormones would compel them, keep them as horny as they had been that day.


And indeed! The girls had talked about hardly anything else all week. What had they done —! And with a perfect stranger yet! And what now? Now, he wasn’t really a stranger any more, was he! And it had been ever so exciting, so stimulating! They’d both all but flipped with the sensuousness of it all! He had driven them mad with desire, then satisfied their young sex drive!


Now they were crazy with temptation for more. Still: What would he think of them? And: What would he have in store for them this time? They WERE going to go to the river and just have a look – see if he was there – nothing more! At least that was the plan.


Martin had arrived at the hiding place behind the fallen tree. It had become his favourite place by the river. As he looked around, he could see only one other blanket – a fair distance away. It was occupied by another girl. She would have a good view of Martin’s hide-away, even though it was unlikely she would be able to watch everything. Martin couldn’t suppress a grin at the thought of how she would react if she saw… He actually liked the thought. How surprised she would be if she looked up right now, as he spread his own blanket, threw a few cushions and proceeded to strip naked. He had intentionally forgotten his swimming trunks and thus had an excuse for his nakedness. However, this was nothing unusual along the river bank. To think they might actually come today! How their gaze would caress his naked body! He decided to lie down and avoid a public spectacle.


What a problem – to lie on his stomach! He commanded himself to stop thinking – thinking THESE thoughts. Yet, when he thought of those two nubile beauties he could barely keep his blood from boiling again. Carefully, he put himself down on his cushions, stretched his rump into the sun and tried to relax.


Would they come? He really didn’t know. Yet, one thing he DID know: He WOULD have! His thoughts went back to last Wednesday. He, too, had never experienced a hotter sexual encounter than he did that day! Oh, just to think of that incredible chest! “Julia”, he moaned in his desire. Her sweet, soft, enticing pussy! How it had convulsed as he stroked her to orgasm! He’d drive himself mad if he didn’t stop these thoughts! Martin stretched luxuriantly. Then he relaxed and tried to doze off. Gradually, he did fall asleep.


Meanwhile, Sophie and Julia had struggled with themselves and the sexual greed he had awakened in them – all in vain—. The whole thing was simply too tempting. They simply couldn’t deny that they were horny as hell for him! Oh how they desired to feel those hands on their bodies again – those hands that had driven them out of their minds!


Besides: There was another burning question. What would it be like to feel HIM up? Would he allow them to touch, feel, stroke him? Would he allow them to arouse him? Could he, would he engage them in. . . Nervously, they had come toward the river, toward the hiding-place. Would he be there? Of course he would be! After all: What man would pass up an opportunity like this!


There he was – half hidden behind the fallen tree! They stopped dead in their tracks, looked at each other. HE WAS NAKED! They had a clear view of a really attractive, round, firm male bottom! They looked at each other, giggled with embarrassment. What should they do? Sophie shrugged her shoulders. “...Weeell?”, she said suggestively. “What would we LIKE to do?”


She untied the knot of her blouse and slid her mini over her hips. Julia followed suit. Before she knew it, Sophie was naked. Julia decided to be cautious and keep her bikini bottoms on. “What now??” she whispered excitedly. Sophie had her suntan lotion at the ready. “After all: We can’t allow him to burn to a crisp,” she said, coating her hands with the liquid and handing the bottle to Julia.
Quietly, the girls approached and knelt left and right of Martin, who was fast asleep. Softly and carefully, Sophie put her hands on his back, waiting for his reaction. Martin did not react. She started stroking him – gently caressing his soft skin. Julia watched her friend, unable to scare up the courage to follow suit. “Wow!” Sophie whispered, “does this ever feel good!”


Julia couldn’t wait any longer. Her lotion-covered fingers started caressing Martin’s hips. Nothing happened. She became more daring. Oh, his wonderful firm cheeks! Simply irresistible! And how perfectly the curve of his bottom filled her hand! Slowly, she started following his contours, moved her fingers, felt his heat! Her hand continued moving, back and forth over his bottom, stole briefly into the crack between his cheeks. She suddenly felt like kissing him there.
Wow! Julia felt incredible desire rise inside herself! She wanted to kneel between his legs now and arouse Martin – kiss his bottom, knead it, press her face into his skin, pull his cheeks apart with her hands, smell him perhaps – caress his crack with her tongue. It was so maddening!


There! Suddenly this enticing man moved beneath her hands! She heard a delighted low moan. “My two sweeties are here ! You have come after all!” he whispered. “I’m so delighted! Today, you may take your revenge on me. I am totally at your disposal!” Martin lifted his bottom slightly, pressed it into Julia’s caressing hands. She took it as an invitation, started massaging him more sensuously, arousing herself with the feel of his loins, his firm hips, his sexy ass. Julia felt her blood boil as she caressed the young hunk.


As she massaged him, Julia’s hands inadvertently traveled beyond Martin’s cheeks, dove between them, sought the secrets hidden beyond. She opened him, looked between his legs. She looked for her lotion, squeezed the oil into the palm of her hand.  Slowly, the liquid traveled over her fingers, onto his skin, into his crack. Breathlessly, Julia watched him squeeze his cheeks together, rub his thighs against each other.


Feeling the oil in such an intimate manner aroused Martin more and more. He waited for bolder moves now, couldn’t stand her hesitation any longer, decided to help her along. Slowly, he moved a pillow under his hips to give her better access to him. Martin heard her catch her breath. For Julia, the temptation rose by the second. Her eyes grew greedier. Her hands wanted more and more.
Martin closed his eyes in unmitigated bliss, marveled in the incredible feeling of her touch! Who could have dreamed up such carnal delights!! Certainly not he, in his boldest dreams. Here he had two beautiful, lusty young girls beside him, ready to service him! Suddenly he thought of the young woman beyond – his potential audience! Had she noticed anything?


Were his two young friends driving her out of her mind now? Was she able to look between his thighs? His lust flamed at the thought and he opened his legs a little wider to give her the view that would make her crazy.


As for Julia, she certainly did enjoy what she saw – the breathtaking hills of his bottom and beyond them the soft, pliable love lance yearning to be fondled. Slowly, Julia moved her hand between his legs. His slithery flesh welcomed her touch! Slowly, she allowed her fingers to close around his member. Martin reacted with a shiver, gave her even more access! With a suppressed groan, he pushed himself into her hand. She grew ever bolder now, cradled the lotion-covered scrotum as it hung below his penis. Oh, how wonderful his testicles felt while being massaged by her exploring hand!


Every now and then her hand now touched his hardness and almost drove him out of his mind. Martin was sweating blood! These passionate games would soon drive him over the top, make him come!


Things were about to become even more devastating! Sophie had joined the action. She had straddled his back, facing away from his head, watching what Julia was doing. Not only that: He could clearly feel her naked pussy on the skin of his back! The thought of her arousal, her pussy on his back, drove him insane! There she was, that horny little mouse: Her legs were spread wide as she rode him, and he could feel her hot, wet source! How her pubic hair on his back tortured him more than he could say. How wet with arousal she was!


Sophie had started massaging his ass, too – but faster, more firmly and much less modestly than her friend had. Now she grabbed his ass, pulled his cheeks apart. “Just look at that,” Martin heard her say to Julia, “have you ever seen anything hornier than this?” Martin trembled under their hands now. “Doesn’t he have the sweetest crack?” Sophie was asking now. “Come, put your fingers in this crack, just once,” she urged her young friend. Martin was panting, could barely stand what they were doing to him now. If she touched him deep in his crack now he would surely die with lust.


Yet, Julia’s right hand continued to play with his scrotum, while her left was stealing closer and closer to his bursting phallus. Martin stopped breathing. Would she really dare to masturbate him to orgasm? Julia still knelt between his wide open legs and admired his virility. He had lifted his pelvis further to escape the pain his arousal caused him lying down, but also to avoid missing out  on the wonderful feeling Julia gave him. He moaned as he moved under the weight of the naked young woman who sat on his back.


His lust was almost out of control now. He felt a finger pressing closer and closer to his anus, rendering him almost incoherent. “Ohh Please,” he groaned, “please! Please!” Julia’s finger was there! Carefully she kept circling his rear entrance.


Martin was writhing as in a fever. If only she did what he wanted her to do – right now! – he would surely explode! He couldn’t stand this any more. He had to do something to stop this sweet torture. His voice trembled on the brink of ecstasy. “What do I get to see in return for this, Sophie?” he managed. Sophie responded instantly. She slid off him just as quickly as she had mounted him before, managed to insert her body below him now. Her lips found his mouth and she kissed him passionately. Her arms held him. She pressed his head against herself.


Not for a second did Martin forget about Julia, however. For him, she was the One! Now he felt her finger go deep into his anus, felt her opening him, massaging him there! Desperately, Martin sank his teeth into Sophie’s skin beneath him. His entire pelvic area was a flame of passion now and he pushed up against Julia’s hand that made all his dreams come true. Her finger entered him, withdrew, entered again. Panting wildly, Martin felt the insane joy of what she was giving him! One more second of this wonderful torture, he thought, and she would overwhelm him, trigger his release right now and here, flooding everything with his semen.


He tried to distract himself. What would he have to think about to hold back? The pretty young woman over there who was probably going nuts herself just from watching him suffer? No! Maybe if he thought of his last bank statement to forget what was happening to him right now? Just then, Sophie turned in his arms, wriggled up a little and ended by presenting her enticing black pussy right in front of his face!


She raised herself on her elbows, looked at him expectantly as if asking what he might do next —. To Martin, this was distraction enough, even though just as horny as had been the situation that almost made him spill his seed a moment ago. Sophie’s eyes sparkled as she challenged him. “Wow!” he said. “You have the most magical pussy in the world.” Martin did not want her to have the initiative. “Show me more of it,” he whispered.


For a moment, Sophie was not sure her being here had been such a great idea. Martin saw her hesitation. “You don’t have to do anything,” he said. “Your tender petals are opening all by themselves.” He smiled at her, had himself under control again, would be able to continue the game. “Look at how engorged your love lips are, how they have opened. Wait just a bit, little girl – the fountain of love is a little deeper down and your nectar will soon overflow and gush all over us.”


Sophie’s pubes were singing. What a situation, she thought. Here she was, pushing her pussy right into his face and he turned tables on her and drive her madder and madder, just by talking! Well: Not only by talking. Tenderly, he had started to blow his warm breath all over her wet love grotto. Sophie groaned. She wanted so much for him to touch her right now! She wanted his finger, feel his tongue as he pushed it between her labia. She needed him, needed him! Now!! Slowly, she could not stand it anymore, moved her hand slowly into her lap. Her fingers spread the lips wide apart, offering the very core of her lust to him. “Oh, you do that so beautifully,” Martin breathed at her. “Just look how your clitoris has swollen now, how it yearns to be stroked right now.”


Martin didn’t know how to keep himself under control. He wanted nothing more than to pounce on her, take her, fuck her! Right now! To be the initiator – yet that was exactly what those two had wanted here today. And he would give it to them – right now! “Come a little closer, my Sweet,” he said, “I want to smell your perfume now.” Sophie moved closer to his head, lifted her pelvis to give him better access to her vulva. Martin sucked her fragrance greedily. Again he felt his ultimate lust rise in him as Julia behind him continued to caress his manhood. He moaned loudly and closed his eyes. Two hot young women like these were simply too much for him, he thought.


When he opened his eyes again, Sophie had started to stroke her clitoris in front of his very eyes. What a view she gave him. This was hornier than anything he had ever experienced, he thought! Rhythmically, the girl’s pelvis moved back and forth in front of him. Martin needed at least one free hand now. Carefully, he inserted it between Sophie’s legs from below, almost reaching her vulva, but not quite. The girl was quite desperate, tried to reach him with her pussy, straining and groaning. Finally, she felt the tip of his finger and screamed in extreme lust. All her self control was gone now. Ooooh yes!” she whimpered. “Please Martin – PLEASE!”


Martin grabbed her hips, pulled her close. He saw the finger that was in the process of propelling her into nirvana, started passionately licking her pussy. He stabbed his tongue deep into her love nest, thrusting and withdrawing again and again. Sophie cried out, writhing and convulsing under his ministrations. In her extreme lust she threshed in his arms, felt the gale of her orgasm wash over her entire being, carrying her off, overwhelming her utterly. She was caught in the hurricane of her lust which whipped and convulsed her again and again, not letting go of her for what seemed an eternity, leaving her weak, limp, breathless. Finally, Sophie sank back onto the blanket, totally spent. As she regained her senses all she could do was marvel at the power of this lust, this love and how it had penetrated her – all because this man was such a master in the art of love!


As Sophie sank back to recover, Martin remembered how Julia had concentrated on him, keeping him hard and excited. All he wanted now was play the game with Julia also. All his desire was directed at the young girl now. He just had to do it a certain way, he decided. Rising to his knees, he presented himself to her even more clearly than before. And Julia rose to the occasion, spreading his knees apart to gain a better view, better access to him. Martin heard the sudden intake of her breath as her hand took him, possessed him. He closed his eyes, enjoying her touch. Then he let himself fall sideways, sat up again.


Quickly, Julia was in front of him, prevented him closing his legs by sitting between them. Now they were facing each other. He saw those breathtaking little breasts, her stiff nipples. His hands reached out and loosed the two little ties that held her bikini bottoms. The front panel fell forward, exposing her vulva. Martin feasted his eyes. Those little red curls! Her soft, open, wet pussy. Her sweet arousal! As for Julia, she saw little else but the hard, strong love lance between his thighs, manhood, virility, rearing in front of her like a sword. The thought that she had helped it grow to this size made her swoon with lust. Far from being afraid of this wonderful phallus, Julia moved closer yet – until only inches separated her core from his promise of heaven.


To Martin, this girl was excitement, irresistibility personified now. His fingers found their way to her unusually large, blood-engorged clitoris, protruding proud and hungry between the tender flesh of her love lips. Slowly, tenderly, Martin touched her button, stroked it back and forth with his thumb. Julia could hardly stand the feeling. This was pure, wet lust. Her desire for him knew no bounds now. She closed her eyes, let her head fall back, enjoyed breathlessly, wanting more, much more than his hands now – wanted him, all of him!


Her hand reached for him, found the soft skin of his sack, held the testes that fascinated her so. She moved to the tip of his penis, caressed the sensitive, smooth, wet knob. Martin panted in his extreme greed for her. “Please!” he whispered, “please – ooohh please don’t do that, Julia!” He could hardly speak now. His eyes were looking for Sophie. He did not want her to watch him in his extreme ecstasy right now. That was for Julia, sweet, captivating Julia alone to enjoy and take in.


Sophie lay five feet from them, fast asleep and Martin’s mind was on his Julia again. How she sat there, all open to him, offering her open pussy to him, letting him see, touch, smell that wonderful wet slit. He wanted her now! Wanted to penetrate her, possess her, make love to her! Only her! Her!


“Julia,” he whispered. “Julia, you Love – I can’t resist any longer. I can’t do without loving you! Now! Right now!” He almost cried for her, wanted this to be so totally different for her than it would ever be again in her life. “Yes please – please – please!” she pleaded softly. “I want you so badly!  Please! Now! Now!”


She moved closer to him yet, the centre of her lust almost touching the knob of his penis. Then she lifted herself high above that phallus, held his head in her arms and impaled herself on his sword. Martin thrust toward her, felt his knob penetrating her labia. Julia moved up and down, crying her lust into his mouth. “Yesss!” she panted, “Ooohhh – Ooohhh yess! Yess! Y. .yesss!” His thumb massaged the most sensitive spot of her body now and she thrust herself onto him again and again. She had to feel him deep inside her now or she would surely die!


And then it happened. Before she had fully taken him, an orgasm of elementary proportions shook her to the core of her being, convulsing her, overwhelming her completely, leaving her trembling and breathless, her vulva squeezing his knob. Martin withdrew. His head snapped back and Julia watched with fascination as his love juice flooded from him, running down his stem. Her hands reached for him again and she massaged his manhood with the semen he had just given her. She felt his phallus tremble under her ministrations.
Julia looked at him as he sat there, his eyes closed, still convulsing occasionally from her masturbation. She knew by looking at his face that he was enjoying the most wonderful feelings of afterglow – feelings she had given him! “I love you,” she whispered. “I love you, Martin.”


When she saw his beautiful eyes again and slipped into his embrace, she knew that he had heard her.


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