On a River's Edge

Am Flussufer

He simply did not feel like working today. He had taken the day off and was on his way to the meadow by the river.  How strange, he thought as he reached his destination: The whole world felt as if it was Wednesday —. Any other day these lawns would have been crowded with sun worshippers, lovers and sightseeers. Today, he saw but a few lonely people lie about, maybe one or two familiar faces, people looking at him curiosly. Martin did not join the few. Today, he wanted to be alone, wanted to dream a little, rest a little. Martin continued to the river’s edge – to the spot he had found so recently, the spot where he had met the two girls a few days before. Many times he had recalled that meeting in his mind since then. Now that he was on his way to that spot again he recalled once more how it had been that day – what they had done together, or, more accurately, what they had done with him, at least at the beginning.


Good God, those two had been so sweet, Martin remembered. They must have cut classes that day, had hidden themselves away behind that big fallen tree by the water. It had been the ideal spot to kick over the traces a little. Martin tried to remember which of the two had excited him more. Was it Julia? Or maybe Sophie? Julia was 18 and her thick thatch of dark red curls had aroused him mightily, as had her dark eyes, her cute turned up nose and the firm little breasts she showed of so naughtily. An uninterrupted tan was what she wanted, she had said, reason for sunning herself in the buff. She’d said it with just a tinge of self-consciousness in her voice and he had noticed that. When Sophie got ready to leave, Julia had reached for her bikini top. He had smiled to himself: How very obviously those two were trying their female powers of seduction on him, he chuckled —.


And yet: They had not left. They had changed their minds and Julia had taken her top off again. Sophie, a year older than Julia, had told him how boys and their one-way intentions always annoyed her. Sounding as superiour as he could, he had assured her that HE would never be that way. After all, he was almost 30, he had said. Still, during the course of the afternoon it became clear to him that he, too, had the same desires as all other young men of his generation – particularly when Sophie asked him to help her with the sun tan lotion. Wow! Had that ever been hot! She stripped and lay down on his blanket. She had looked up at him expectantly – the little beast! And the effect on him had been obvious. In seconds he had become horny! However, he hid his arousal and nonchalantly reached for the sun tan lotion as Sophie challenged: “Well then: are you afraid to touch me?”


And there she lay – on her stomach, presenting her naked behind to him. Oh, how much he had wanted to . . . But No! He poured lotion on his hands and started at her neck, massaging beneath the hairline of the nape of her neck.  His hands had progressed to her shoulders, arms and back. And the lower he went the more Sophie seemed to relax, winding and stretching her body as he rubbed her down. Martin fairly felt that she wanted more than this!

So did Martin. Before he knew it, his hands were caressing her beguiling round bottom as he rubbed lotion into her skin. This part of her body had obviously not been touched by the rays of the sun, he thought. “This is where you need particular protection,” he said with acted concern in his voice, as he let some lotion drip directly between her bottom cheeks.

Startled by the cold, Sophie shrieked, lifting her bottom toward his hands and giving him an even better view than before. Suddenly his hands had found the object of all his desire! He started to rub, to press, to stroke and to massage and listened to her aroused moans that showed him she WANTED this and much, much more! Gently, he thrust his fingers deeper into her exciting crack. NOW would she protest or did she really want to go through with this and go beyond? After all, Julia, her girlfriend, was right here, chaperoning now to make sure nothing happened to Sophie —.


Julia had risen to a kneeling position, barely able to believe her eyes and take it all in! How the sinewy brown hands of this man, massaging the blond skin of her friend seemed to arouse her! The lips of Julia’s pretty mouth had opened slightly and her breath came a little heavier now. Martin watched Julia with growing desire also. Julia pretended not to be affected by what she was watching, but Martin caught her gaze and looked deep into her eyes as if it was Julia he was caressing. Julia could no longer stop herself from staring at his glistening hands as they stroked ever deeper between the cheeks of her friend. Julia felt as if those hands were on HER body, stroking deeper and deeper, driving her insane with arousal.

For Sophie, arousal had gone much farther by now. She now felt a gentle finger tip touch, rub the sweet, secret entrance to her body. Groaning, she lifted her bottom again to give him room to arouse her more! Julia looked into Martin’s eyes and knew instantly what he was doing – saw it in his eyes, his smile! She felt goose bumps rise all over her body. Unable to help herself, she reached down, touching herself where Martin was touching Sophie. The man smiled at her. Quickly and embarrassed she dropped her hands.

“So sorry, Julia,” Martin whispered. “I’d love to give you relief also, but you can see, both my hands are rather occupied right now.” Julia blushed, felt like sinking into the ground with shame. But Martin continued staring at her. “Don’t be shy,” he said tenderly, “it’s so beautiful for me to watch you when you play with yourself. Maybe a little later...“.


Martin licked his lips suggestively, reached yet a little deeper to cup Sophie’s mound and challenged her: Well…? Turn around now – or are you afraid to show me your front?” Sophie turned and Martin smiled when he saw the arousal in her face. He saw how hard her nipples were and this time he had no second thoughts – he reached for her tips. Sophie let out a loud groan and closed her eyes. For Martin, it was more than an invitation.

Here he had a beautiful naked girl, fully aroused and ready to explore and experience her sexuality for the first time – an opportunity no man would refuse. Better still: He clearly had twice the opportunity because there still was young Julia! Devotely, Martin now massaged the enticing front side of Sophie’s body and she quite obviously loved every moment of it. When his hands reached the dark curls of her pubis and started to stroke her mound, Sophie squeezed her thighs together. It was the signal for Martin to stop.


He was not about to do something these two young beauties might object to! Slowly, Martin withdrew his hands and turned to Julia. “Would you like to have me rub some lotion into your skin, too?” he asked. Startled and a little frightened, Julia vehemently shook her curly head. Martin nevertheless got up, moved over to her and knelt down behind her.Slowly, he put his hands on her shoulders and stroked down her back. He could now feel her arousal — hers and his as well. Julia felt incredibly weak all of a sudden and sagged against the man behind her. Her head came to rest against his shoulder and she could feel his lips against her ear. Martin kissed her skin tenderly and pushed his hands through her armpits to her small breasts, stroking them to full arousal. He took her nipples between thumb and forefinger and squeezed gently until he heard her tortured moans. “Isn’t this a wonderful feeling?” he asked in a whisper. Julia nodded, almost out of breath.


Sophie looked up. She could not believe her eyes. Martin, kneading the naked breasts of her friend! He had aroused her so very much, she thought. She felt sexual heat throughout her body. Her sex was wet with her love juice! What would he do if she opened her legs right now and started to play with herself? Would he take her….?


Sophie could resist her desire for relief no longer. Slowly, she opened her long, slim thighs, putting her hand on her pussy. Martin’s eyes could hardly take it all in! He had continued to stimulate Julia’s full breasts, but now he was talking to Sophie in a low voice. “Did my hands make you horny?” he said. “It’s only natural. Why don’t you see what it feels like when you play with your sweet little pussy while we watch.” Martin’s voice was hoarse now. He could hardly breathe because of his arousal. But, oh, how he enjoyed this incredible erotic situation!

Sophie had started to part her love lips and her middle finger moved up and down between them. She needed this right now. She HAD to have it – so badly! “Show us how you love it!” Martin whispered to Sophie. “We want to watch you as you play with yourself! Show us everything. Show us how beautiful you are during your orgasm. Let us watch when you come for us!” As he and Julia watched the naked Sophie writhe toward her explosion on the blanket, Martin started to lick Julia’s neck. He gently took her ear lobe in his mouth and sucked on it. Sophie heard her girlfriend’s tortured moan and her last inhibitions evaporated. Her hands parted her taut pussy lips and very slowly she pushed her finger between them, moving it back and forth faster and faster as her feelings rose to fever pitch. Now it was Martin who panted. Hoarse with desire desperate with longing, he urged the girl on.


“How wonderful you look when you do this, sweetheart” he whispered. “Show us how you love the feeling. Tell us what you feel right now!” Sophie’s finger moved deeper, faster, disappered in her pussy to emerge again, wet with her love juice. Martin could barely contain himself. How would he keep himself under control?  Still, he couldn’t help but continue. “Quick! Find the little pleasure pearl in your pussy!” he said. “Feel how it tingles under your touch! Hold it between your thumb and finger and massage it!”

Sophie was beyond control, followed his every suggestion, opened her legs ever wider, rubbed herself ever harder. Insatiably she thrust her sex toward her hands, struggling for air. . . Martin had never witnessed anything so arousing. He thought he’d explode with lust! Now he wanted more. . .
His hands traveled down Julia’s body now. “We can do what she does any day of the week,” he whispered to the girl. He licked her ear, thrust his tongue into it. Carefully, he let his hand slide into her bikini bottoms – deeper and deeper. Wow! His sweet girl was hot and wet! When he found her clitoris her whole body twitched, then stiffened in his arms. Carefully, tenderly, he circled her lust button with his finger tip, moved faster and faster. As he pressed faster and faster on her clit, he felt her press against his hand.


“Shall I stop?” Martin asked. “Does it hurt?” But Julia had passed the point of no return. Her entire pelvis was aflame now, threshing back and forth in wild ecstasy. She wanted nothing but completion now, relief, satisfaction! “Yessss!” she hissed. “Ooooooh Yesss! Yesss! Yesss!! „Ooooohhh!!” She cried out in extreme bliss, coming, coming, coming! Sophie heard her friend scream out and the cry pushed her, too, over the edge. Her body stiffened and she screamed, screamed, screamed. . . Out of breath and trembling with excitement and relief, they sank to the ground and lay in each others’ arms. Within minutes they had recovered, however, gathered their clothes and were gone. “Ciao, my beauties,” Martin called after them. “Same time, same place – next week.

Then he jumped into the cool water to prevent himself from burning up.


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