The Kiss

Der Kuss


By the time he arrived, all of them had been there for hours – and, of course, he had been late again. Almost always, he was late! And SHE was there, sitting between some girlfriends and her boss, as he had half expected. She saw him from across the room, blew him a kiss – and nobody was surprised in the least. For ages, people had known that these two were extremely fond of each other. This was no secret.

“Come on, then,” one of the female colleagues snapped, “come over here and sit beside “your” Mrs. Ehlers!” Nothing more he wanted to do than just that – but exactly how should he go about it? Angelika had heard the exchange and hooked into it. “Yes indeed, Mr. Sanders,” she said, “do come over and sit with me!” She visibly moved a little to provide space for him.


Now they were sitting side by side and briefly he covered her hand with his one. Oh, how he loved to feel her hand under his own one! The feeling was so powerful that he closed his eyes for a moment. Any time this happened – time and again: The spell, which her warmth, her fragrance, her smile cast over him, enveloped him! Her aura! It was so incredible – every time! Once again he felt the familiar goose bumps go down his spine. She was really here, beside him! It took an effort not to sigh with happiness and longing for her! It was so wonderful to be near her – back beside her!


Every time it was more difficult for him to leave her – to get up and go pretending it didn’t mean any effort at all, whereas in fact it was so very, very hard for him! Years had gone by, since he had first discovered how much he desired her in every way. First, it had been relatively easy to disregard this feeling. Surely, it would pass, he told himself. After all, she was so very young. It simply couldn’t be – he could not allow it to happen. But then years went by – so many years – and she grew up to a captivating mature woman. And whenever he saw her — which was seldom enough — he knew: They did belong together! He felt it ever so clearly — that he was at home wherever she happened to be.
And her smile drew him completely into her heart.


“Mrs. Ehlers-Sieben…!” he stopped himself. “I don’t know how to put it – this double-name of yours: It is so complicated.” She smiled. “Well then: Why not simply call me Angelika? Surely we should be on first names after all these years.” Nodding agreement, he nevertheless protested. “What might your husband think. . . ?” Angelika laughed out loud. “Sooo?” “Well: He could think we once had an affair. . .” “Couldn’t matter less,” she smiled. “Couldn’t matter less.” She looked at him and her smile became sweeter, more personal, more for him exclusively. Then she bent over, touched the side of his head with her hand and whispered into his ear, words that made his heart tremble. “Unfortunately, we never had, Mr. Sanders. Unfortunately!” Suddenly he felt goose skin all over his body and his mouth was as dry as the Sahara. He gulped, didn’t know what to say next.  “Y ... Y ... Yes,  very unfortunate ...” he stammered.


Suddenly he felt, as if everybody in the room was staring at him. Unfulfilled wishes, desires, bubbled up in his mind – so strongly he thought everyone would be able to read them off his forehead, and perhaps off her forehead as well! Only the tip of his index finger touched her hand now, and he moved it slowly to and fro. Oh, how he could feel her — deep in his flesh —  right now! “You don’t know how badly I would love to kiss you,” he whispered. She turned, faced him – and her big eyes beamed. “Well: Then DO it – please!” Even her voice beamed suddenly, triumphantly! Thank God nobody had overheard them, he hoped.


Angelika had got up from her chair. “I think this is turning into a private conversation,” she said so everyone could hear. “I think, we ought to excuse ourselves for a while.” Disregarding the questioning glances of her friends, Angelika strode towards the door, he followed. They found a bench outside and he sat as close to her as he could. Suddenly he found himself closer to her than he had ever been before. She bent her head towards him and suddenly the wish to kiss her became overwhelming.


“I want to do it so very, very much,” he whispered. Inches only separated them now. “Then DO it!” Her voice was almost breathless now. He moved still closer but had no physical contact with her yet. She saw his blue eyes sparkle. “Are people looking at us?” he asked her. Without moving her head, she looked around a little, then smiled mischievously. “Oh sure,” she chuckled quietly. “They’re all standing there, appalled – petrified. . . ” She thrust her chin toward him and gently touched his mouth with her lower lip, stroking left to right and back to left again, then withdrew.


Walter closed his eyes blissfully. His mouth opened slightly. Only Angelika heard him as he moaned. “Oh, I want you so very, very much!” Exactly this was what she had wanted to hear. She looked at him, took in his picture, his very being into her mind, her heart, her very soul – and then offered him her lips. She was his! She would give herself to him, be his own, body and soul! Yet, his kiss did not come. Instead, he gently touched her with the tip of his nose, rubbed the side of her nose. . . Angelika was trembling now. “Kiss me – PLEASE! Kiss me!” Seductively, her tongue licked across her moist lips. Her soft, sensuous mouth tempted, challenged him. Slightly she opened her lips to him now.


His warm breath caressed her cheeks. Angelika felt his finger reaching for her hand again. She snuggled hers into his one and their fingers clasped tightly. His lips touched her hand, moved across it. She was anxious to feel his lips. Angelika trembled in anticipation, moaned longingly. And still, he probed, tested, wondered whether he might catch fire, incinerate him with her searing heat.
At this very moment, she felt she could not stand the waiting any longer – she finally felt his lips on hers! Gently but determined, he now pressed his lips against hers – and she welcomed him, yet felt him like a branding iron, searing its mark into her heart forever, opening her to himself, melting her into his very being.


She sagged against him with a sigh, felt the passion of his kiss, suddenly felt as if he was burning HER up. She had come home at last! This was where she belonged – in his arms, at his breast! She could smell him now, felt totally enveloped by him and thought she’d surely lose her mind.


The tip of his tongue had found hers, played, caressed, then stroked her deeply. Their juices mixed, became one. His hands caressed her cheeks, her hair, lovingly held her face – and started to move lower and lower along her body. Briefly, far too briefly, his hands touched her breasts, tallied between her legs – as if to convince that he had won her. “I love you,” he whispered, as they separated again. “I know that,” she sighed, “do you realize that this is the only thing we can ever hope to have given to each other?” he asked, almost at the limit of his endurance. Angelika nodded: “Yes. I know. And I will never ever forget this moment – to the very end of my life.” Her eyes brimmed with tears now. “Let’s go back to the others.”

Angelika’s boss looked up, as they returned to the table. “What was THAT all about?” he said. All eyes were on them now. Once more, Walter took Angelika’s hand. “That was - truly wonderful,” he answerd. Then they returned to reality, to their respective worlds.


But deep in their hearts they would carry along a genuine miracle.


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